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A progress bar widget to show or change the position of an audio or video stream.

audio_video_progress_bar #

A progress bar widget to show or change the position of an audio or video stream.

Note: This package does not play audio or video itself. It's just a widget you can use to show the progress of your audio or video player. This widget is easier to connect to a media player than the Flutter Slider widget is. It also supports showing the buffered status for streamed media.

Example #

Add the ProgressBar widget to your UI. A static example would look like this:

  progress: Duration(milliseconds: 1000),
  buffered: Duration(milliseconds: 2000),
  total: Duration(milliseconds: 5000),
  onSeek: (duration) {
    print('User selected a new time: $duration');

However, you would normally wrap it in a builder widget that is updated by an audio or video player. That might look something like this:

  stream: _durationState,
  builder: (context, snapshot) {
    final durationState =;
    final progress = durationState?.progress ??;
    final buffered = durationState?.buffered ??;
    final total = durationState?.total ??;
    return ProgressBar(
      progress: progress,
      buffered: buffered,
      total: total,
      onSeek: (duration) {;


class DurationState {
  const DurationState({this.progress, this.buffered,});
  final Duration progress;
  final Duration buffered;
  final Duration total;

You can check out the GitHub repo for the full example using the just_audio plugin. There is no requirement to use just_audio or even a StreamBuilder, though. You can use any audio or video player that provides updates about the current play location. Just rebuild the ProgressBar widget with the new Duration states.

You'll probably want to add other buttons like start and pause, but these are not included with this package. They aren't hard to build, though, and you can find an example in the GitHub repo.

Thanks to the just_audio code example for help with the buttons.

Customization #

The default colors use the theme's primary color, so changing the theme will also update this widget:

However, you can set your own colors and sizes as well:

  progress: progress,
  buffered: buffered,
  total: total,
  baseBarColor: Colors.white.withOpacity(0.24),
  bufferedBarColor: Colors.white.withOpacity(0.24),
  thumbColor: Colors.white,
  barHeight: 3.0,
  thumbRadius: 5.0,
  onSeek: (duration) {;

Which would look like this (if the app has a dark theme):

You can also set the location of the time labels:

  timeLabelLocation: TimeLabelLocation.sides,

Now the time labels are displayed on the side:

Notes #

If your interested in how this widget was made, check out the article Creating a Flutter widget from scratch.

Please open an issue if you find any bugs.

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A progress bar widget to show or change the position of an audio or video stream.

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