audio_recorder2 1.0.3
audio_recorder2: ^1.0.3

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audio recorder plug-in

audio_recorder2 #

audio recorder plug-in

This is fork of audio_recorder by ZaraclaJ, please refer for usgae instructions

(why this plugin? : ZaraclaJ seems inactive and I had urgent need to refactor plugin to swift 4.2)

Usage #

// Import package
import 'package:audio_recorder2/audio_recorder2.dart';

// Check permissions before starting
bool hasPermissions = await AudioRecorder2.hasPermissions;

// Get the state of the recorder
bool isRecording = await AudioRecorder2.isRecording;

// Start recording
await AudioRecorder2.start(path: _controller.text, audioOutputFormat: AudioOutputFormat.AAC);

// Stop recording
Recording recording = await AudioRecorder2.stop();
print("Path : ${recording.path},  Format : ${recording.audioOutputFormat},  Duration : ${recording.duration},  Extension : ${recording.extension},");