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Applozic flutter chat plugin that lets you add real time chat and in-app messaging in your flutter app.

Applozic flutter chat plugin #

A flutter wraper for Applozic native android and iOS SDKs.

Getting Started #

Sign up for Applozic to get your application Id. This application Id is used to login user to applozic.

Prerequisites #

Apps using Applozic can target Xcode 11 or later and AndroidX is required.

Installation #

  1. Add the below dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:
  # other dependencies
 applozic_flutter: ^0.0.3
  1. Install the package as below:
  flutter pub get
  1. For iOS, navigate to your App/iOS directory from terminal and run the below command:
pod install

Note: Applozic iOS requires min iOS platform version 10 and uses dynamic frameworks. Make sure you have the below settings at the top of your iOS/Podfile:

platform :ios, '10.0'
  1. Import the applozic_flutter in your .dart file to use the methods from Applozic:
import 'package:applozic_flutter/applozic_flutter.dart';

Authentication #

Login #

Create Applozic user and pass user to login() function as below:

dynamic user = {
      'applicationId': "<APPLICATION_ID>",   //Mandatory
      'userId': userId.text,                 //Mandatory
      'displayName': displayName.text,
      'password': password.text,
      'authenticationTypeId': 1              //Mandatory

ApplozicFlutter.login(user).then((response) {
      print("Login success : " + response)
    }).catchError((error, stack) =>
      print("Error while logging in : " + error.toString()));

Note: Please remember you have to log in once and only after you log out you must log in again. Use below code to check if the user is already logged in:

ApplozicFlutter.isLoggedIn().then((isLoggedIn) {
        if (isLoggedIn) {
          //The user is logged in
         } esle {
          //The user is not logged in

Update logged in user details #

You can update the logged in user details as below:

  dynamic user = {
                    'displayName': '<New name>'
                    'imageLink': '<New Image URL>'

                            (value) => print("User details updated : " + value))
                        .catchError((e, s) => print(
                            "Unable to update user details : " + e.toString()));

Get logged in userId #

You can get the userId of the logged in user as below:

  ApplozicFlutter.getLoggedInUserId().then((userId) {
      print("Logged in userId : " + userId);
    }).catchError((error, stack) {
      print("User get error : " + error);

Conversation #

Launch main chat screen #

Launch the main chat screen as below:


Launch Chat with a specific User #

Launch the conversation with a user by passing the userId as below:


Launch Chat with a specific Group #

Launch the conversation with a group by passing the groupId as below:

                        .then((value) =>
                            print("Launched successfully : " + value))
                        .catchError((error, stack) {
                      print("Unable to launch group : " + error.toString());

Create a group #

To create a group, you need to create a groupInfo object and then pass it to the create group function as below:

  dynamic groupInfo = {
          'groupName': "My group",
          'groupMemberList': ['userId1', 'userId2'],
          'imageUrl': '',
          'type': 2,
          'admin': 'userId1',
          'metadata': {
            'plugin': "Flutter",
            'platform': "Android"

            .then((groupId) {
              print("Group created sucessfully: " + groupId);
                  .then((value) => print("Launched successfully : " + value))
                  .catchError((error, stack) {
                print("Unable to launch group : " + error.toString());
            .catchError((error, stack) =>
                print("Group created failed : " + error.toString()));

Add contacts #

Add contacts to applozic as below:

  dynamic user1 = {
      'userId': "user1",
      'displayName': ""User 1,
      "metadata": {
        'plugin': "Flutter",
        'platform': "Android"

  dynamic user2 = {
      'userId': "user2",
      'displayName': ""User 2,
      "metadata": {
        'plugin': "Flutter",
        'platform': "Android"

  ApplozicFlutter.addContacts([user1, user2])
        .then((value) => print("Contact added successfully: " + value))
        .catchError((e, s) => print("Failed to add contacts: " + e.toString()));

Logout #

Logout from applozic as below:

                .then((value) =>
                  print("Logout successfull")
                .catchError((error, stack) =>
                  print("Logout failed : " + error.toString()));

Sample app #

You can checkout Applozic Flutter sample app that demonstrates the use of this plugin.

In case of any queries regarding this plugin, write to us at

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Applozic flutter chat plugin that lets you add real time chat and in-app messaging in your flutter app.



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