apphud_flutter 1.0.3
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Flutter Android iOS

Unofficial AppHud SDK for Flutter

apphud_flutter #

Unofficial Apphud SDK for Flutter.


  • Minimum iOS 11.2 and Xcode 10 and Swift version 5.0.
  • Minimum Android 4.1 and supports only Google Play store.

Info #

  • Android: ✅
  • IOS: ✅

Doc #

  • ApphudFlutter.init(String apiKey, String userID)

    Initialize Apphud SDK

  • ApphudFlutter.getProducts()

    Return current awailable products for purchase

  • ApphudFlutter.purchaseProduct(String productId)

    Start purchasing product. Return null if purchase has error or canceled Return PurchaseResult if purchase complete

  • ApphudFlutter.activedSubscriptions()

    Return current actived subscriptions

  • ApphudFlutter.logout()

    Logout from Apphud