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This plugin allows users to upload and delete image for amazon s3 cognito.Users can also upload multiple images ti s3 using the plugin.

amazon_s3_cognito #

Amazon S3 plugin for Flutter

Unofficial Amazon S3 plugin written in Dart for Flutter.

Plugin in maintained by fäm

Usage #

To use this plugin, add amazon_s3_cognito as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

The package is android-x compatible
  amazon_s3_cognito: '^0.7.9'

Example #

import 'package:amazon_s3_cognito/amazon_s3_cognito.dart';
import 'package:amazon_s3_cognito/aws_region.dart';

//Use the below code to specify the region and sub region for image upload
//Also this method allows to upload all file type including images and pdf etc.

//imageData - this object will contain file details, like file name, file path, folder where to upload file inside bucket etc..
//construct imagedata object
ImageData imageData = ImageData("uniqueFileName", filePath,
        uniqueId: "uniqueIdToTrackImage", imageUploadFolder: "folder to upload inside bucket");

//call AWS to upload file
//needMultipartUpload - only applicable for IOS, when your uploads are so large that they take more than 1 hour to complete set its value to true
String uploadedImageUrl = await AmazonS3Cognito.upload(String bucket, String identity, String region,
                  String subRegion, ImageData imageData,
                  {bool needMultipartUpload = false})

//Please Note: In bucket name only send bucket name. If you will include subfolder in it, the upload will fail
//Example : if we want image to upload in bucket BUCKET_TEST, and inside that bucket we want to upload image into
// MANAGEMENT folder, then in bucket name send only BUCKET_TEST and in ImageData.imageUploadFolder send MANAGEMENT
//other wise the upload will not work.

//we can now also upload multiple images via list and listener to its progress
//and upload changes via stream.

//create an event channel

  EventChannel _amazonS3Stream =
  StreamSubscription? uploadListenerSubscription;

  //call _listenToFileUpload() in initstate method or when you want to
  //start listeneing to image upload
  //steeams pass back hashmap, as passing custom object is not supported yet
  //we can covert map to object in stream like below.

   void _listenToFileUpload() {
      //when you want to upload multi-files or listen to upload then
      //you get the image progress via this stream
      uploadListenerSubscription =
          _amazonS3Stream.receiveBroadcastStream().listen((event) {
        LinkedHashMap<Object?, Object?> map = event;
        ImageData imageData = ImageData.fromMap(map);
        //update the ui based on the object returned in stream

    //cancel subcrition of stream when you are done
    void dispose() {

    //use multiple image upload method
          String bucket,
          String identity,
          String region,
          String subRegion,
          List<ImageData> imageData,
          bool needProgressUpdateAlso,
          {bool needMultipartUpload = false})

//use below code to delete an image
 String result = await AmazonS3Cognito.delete(
                       String bucket,
                       String identity,
                       String imageName,
                       String? folderInBucketWhereImgIsUploaded,
                       String region,
                       String subRegion)



Installation #

Android #

Inside AndroidManifest.xml register TransferService like below

 <service android:name= "com.amazonaws.mobileconnectors.s3.transferutility.TransferService" android:enabled="true" />

iOS #

inside your Appdelegate add following method

func application(_ application: UIApplication, handleEventsForBackgroundURLSession identifier: String, completionHandler: @escaping () -> Void) {
    // Store the completion handler.
    AWSS3TransferUtility.interceptApplication(application, handleEventsForBackgroundURLSession: identifier, completionHandler: completionHandler)

for documentation further read

Authors #

the plugin is created and maintained by fäm properties. 
Android version written by Prachi Shrivastava
IOS version written by Prachi Shrivastava
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This plugin allows users to upload and delete image for amazon s3 cognito.Users can also upload multiple images ti s3 using the plugin.

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