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A dirt-simple way to validate users' age and stay compliant worldwide

Age Check #

A dirt simple way to validate users and stay compliant worldwide.

Building #

  1. Install Dart
  2. Install dependencies (dart pub get)

For usage with Node, we use dart2js (dart2js -O2 -o package/agecheck.js lib/agecheck-js.dart) and then use the files in dist/agecheck.js with your Node project. You can also use the agecheck package on the NPM.

Usage #

Dart #

For Dart/Flutter documentation, see here.

Node #

There is only one function: agecheck(age, country). The age variable must be a whole number (int), while the country variable must be a string. This string must contain the two-letter ISO country code to properly validate. Strings that are not two characters will be thrown as an error.

Acknoledgements #

This project is licensed under the MIT License. You can see a copy of it in the LICENSE file in the root of this repository.

Special thanks to:

  • the Dart and Flutter teams for having great documentation; and:
  • all of the dependencies for helping power this tool.

This was made to be a quick reusable for internal projects like Mello and our personal projects like Jack's BlueJay

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A dirt-simple way to validate users' age and stay compliant worldwide


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