Publishing packages #

Pub isn't just for using other people's packages. It also allows you to share your packages with the world. If you have a useful project and you want others to be able to use it, use the pub publish command.

Publishing high quality packages #

Prior to publishing, make sure to consult the general Dart publishing documentation, and all the guidelines listed there.

Also take a look at the package scoring documentation to understand how your published package will be accessed.

Publishers #

Packages can be published with either a verified publisher or with uploaders.

If you are an uploader on one or more packages, you can use the My > My packages to view a list of those packages.

If you are a member of a publisher, you can use the My > My publishers to view a list of those publishers, and under those the packages published with those.

Discontinuing a package #

Keep in mind that publishing is forever. As soon as you publish your package, users can depend on it. Once they start doing that, removing the package would break theirs. To avoid that, the policy disallows unpublishing packages except for very few cases.

If you are no longer maintaining a package, you can mark it discontinued, and it will disappear from search.