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Provides three related functions that disable screenshots. These are: screenshot monitoring, adding a watermark globally, disabling screenshots (only supports Android). 提供三个禁用截屏的相关功能。分别是:截屏监控、全局添加水印、禁 [...]

A flutter plugin that allows to enable / disable screenshots.

a widget provided to the flutter scroll component drop-down refresh and pull up load.

A draggable Flutter widget that makes implementing a SlidingUpPanel much easier!

An audio/video/image picker in pure Dart which is the same with WeChat, support multi picking.

A Flutter plugin for manipulating Android WindowManager LayoutParams.

Fully functional chat ui for flutter, with functionality to send text, voice notes,and images

A simple yet powerful, elegant, customizable, and efficient currency chooser dialog with search support.

Searchbar Animation provides the horizontal slide animation to a searchbar and it is fully customizable.

Animated Introduction/Onboarding package for flutter app with some customizations possibilities.

A persian (farsi,shamsi) datetime picker for flutter, inspired by material datetime picker.

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