WlanScan function Null safety wlanapi

int WlanScan(
  1. int hClientHandle,
  2. Pointer<GUID> pInterfaceGuid,
  3. Pointer<DOT11_SSID> pDot11Ssid,
  4. Pointer<WLAN_RAW_DATA> pIeData,
  5. Pointer<NativeType> pReserved

The WlanScan function requests a scan for available networks on the indicated interface.

DWORD WlanScan(
  HANDLE               hClientHandle,
  const GUID           *pInterfaceGuid,
  const PDOT11_SSID    pDot11Ssid,
  const PWLAN_RAW_DATA pIeData,
  PVOID                pReserved


int WlanScan(
        int hClientHandle,
        Pointer<GUID> pInterfaceGuid,
        Pointer<DOT11_SSID> pDot11Ssid,
        Pointer<WLAN_RAW_DATA> pIeData,
        Pointer pReserved) =>
    _WlanScan(hClientHandle, pInterfaceGuid, pDot11Ssid, pIeData, pReserved);