WlanIhvControl function Null safety wlanapi

int WlanIhvControl(
  1. int hClientHandle,
  2. Pointer<GUID> pInterfaceGuid,
  3. int Type,
  4. int dwInBufferSize,
  5. Pointer<NativeType> pInBuffer,
  6. int dwOutBufferSize,
  7. Pointer<NativeType> pOutBuffer,
  8. Pointer<Uint32> pdwBytesReturned

The WlanIhvControl function provides a mechanism for independent hardware vendor (IHV) control of WLAN drivers or services.

DWORD WlanIhvControl(
  HANDLE                hClientHandle,
  const GUID            *pInterfaceGuid,
  DWORD                 dwInBufferSize,
  PVOID                 pInBuffer,
  DWORD                 dwOutBufferSize,
  PVOID                 pOutBuffer,
  PDWORD                pdwBytesReturned


int WlanIhvControl(
        int hClientHandle,
        Pointer<GUID> pInterfaceGuid,
        int Type,
        int dwInBufferSize,
        Pointer pInBuffer,
        int dwOutBufferSize,
        Pointer pOutBuffer,
        Pointer<Uint32> pdwBytesReturned) =>
    _WlanIhvControl(hClientHandle, pInterfaceGuid, Type, dwInBufferSize,
        pInBuffer, dwOutBufferSize, pOutBuffer, pdwBytesReturned);