WlanHostedNetworkInitSettings function Null safety wlanapi

int WlanHostedNetworkInitSettings(
  1. int hClientHandle,
  2. Pointer<Uint32> pFailReason,
  3. Pointer<NativeType> pvReserved

The WlanHostedNetworkInitSettings function configures and persists to storage the network connection settings (SSID and maximum number of peers, for example) on the wireless Hosted Network if these settings are not already configured.

DWORD WlanHostedNetworkInitSettings(
  HANDLE                      hClientHandle,
  PVOID                       pvReserved


int WlanHostedNetworkInitSettings(
        int hClientHandle, Pointer<Uint32> pFailReason, Pointer pvReserved) =>
    _WlanHostedNetworkInitSettings(hClientHandle, pFailReason, pvReserved);