DrawThemeIcon function Null safety uxtheme

int DrawThemeIcon(
  1. int hTheme,
  2. int hdc,
  3. int iPartId,
  4. int iStateId,
  5. Pointer<RECT> pRect,
  6. int himl,
  7. int iImageIndex

Draws an image from an image list with the icon effect defined by the visual style.

HRESULT DrawThemeIcon(
  HTHEME     hTheme,
  HDC        hdc,
  int        iPartId,
  int        iStateId,
  LPCRECT    pRect,
  int        iImageIndex


int DrawThemeIcon(int hTheme, int hdc, int iPartId, int iStateId,
        Pointer<RECT> pRect, int himl, int iImageIndex) =>
    _DrawThemeIcon(hTheme, hdc, iPartId, iStateId, pRect, himl, iImageIndex);