DrawThemeBackground function Null safety uxtheme

int DrawThemeBackground(
  1. int hTheme,
  2. int hdc,
  3. int iPartId,
  4. int iStateId,
  5. Pointer<RECT> pRect,
  6. Pointer<RECT> pClipRect

Draws the border and fill defined by the visual style for the specified control part.

HRESULT DrawThemeBackground(
  HTHEME  hTheme,
  HDC     hdc,
  int     iPartId,
  int     iStateId,
  LPCRECT pRect,
  LPCRECT pClipRect


int DrawThemeBackground(int hTheme, int hdc, int iPartId, int iStateId,
        Pointer<RECT> pRect, Pointer<RECT> pClipRect) =>
    _DrawThemeBackground(hTheme, hdc, iPartId, iStateId, pRect, pClipRect);