Dart package helping your app interact with WhatsApp via HTTP links (universal links). Works with Flutter.

The whatsapp_unilink package helps you build HTTP links and provides you with an idiomatic Dart interface that:

  • converts your phone number into something that WhatsApp expects ✅
  • hides the encoding and link building details from you so that you can focus on your app 🚀
  • is blazingly fast ⚡️

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With WhatsAppUnilink, you can create a link that will allow your users to start a chat with someone (identified with phoneNumber). By clicking the link, a chat with the person automatically opens. WhatsApp will include your message in text and it will automatically appear in the text field of a chat.

Both the phoneNumber and text arguments are optional. The phoneNumber string will be internally converted to a format that the WhatsApp API expect: any brackets, dashes, plus signs, and leading zeros or any other non-digit characters will be removed. The text is encoded using percent-encoding to make it safe for literal use as a URI component. The WhatsAppUnilink instance, whenever converted to a string, will create a WhatsApp link for you.


You may want to launch the WhatsApp app on your user's phone and make life easier for your users by pre-filling the mobile number and text. Use the url_launcher for launching the links you create with the whatsapp_unilink package.

import 'package:whatsapp_unilink/whatsapp_unilink.dart';
// For Flutter applications, you'll most likely want to use
// the url_launcher package.
import 'package:url_launcher/url_launcher.dart';

// ...somewhere in your Flutter app...
launchWhatsApp() async {
  final link = WhatsAppUnilink(
    phoneNumber: '+001-(555)1234567',
    text: "Hey! I'm inquiring about the apartment listing",
  // Convert the WhatsAppUnilink instance to a string.
  // Use either Dart's string interpolation or the toString() method.
  // The "launch" method is part of "url_launcher".
  await launch('$link');


This package works everywhere and doesn't have any Flutter-specific dependency. It works on the frontend with AngularDart, or rendered to an a tag from your HTTP server.


The whatsapp_unilink library helps you create WhatsApp URLs.