vm_snapshot_analysis.utils library Null safety


buildComparisonTreemap(Object oldJson, Object newJson, {TreemapFormat format = TreemapFormat.collapsed, bool collapseAnonymousClosures = false}) Map<String, dynamic>
Compare two size profiles and return result of the comparison as a treemap.
compareProgramInfo(ProgramInfo oldSizes, ProgramInfo newSizes, {TreemapFormat format = TreemapFormat.collapsed}) Map<String, dynamic>
formatPercent(int value, int total, {bool withSign = false}) String
loadProgramInfoFromJson(Object json, {bool collapseAnonymousClosures = false}) ProgramInfo
partsForPath(String path) List<String>
printHistogram(ProgramInfo info, Histogram histogram, {Iterable<String> prefix = const [], Iterable<String> suffix = const [], String sizeHeader = 'Size (Bytes)', int maxWidth = 0}) → void