buildComparisonTreemap function Null safety

Map<String, dynamic> buildComparisonTreemap(
  1. Object oldJson,
  2. Object newJson,
  3. {TreemapFormat format = TreemapFormat.collapsed,
  4. bool collapseAnonymousClosures = false}

Compare two size profiles and return result of the comparison as a treemap.


Map<String, dynamic> buildComparisonTreemap(Object oldJson, Object newJson,
    {TreemapFormat format = TreemapFormat.collapsed,
    bool collapseAnonymousClosures = false}) {
  final oldSizes = loadProgramInfoFromJson(oldJson,
      collapseAnonymousClosures: collapseAnonymousClosures);
  final newSizes = loadProgramInfoFromJson(newJson,
      collapseAnonymousClosures: collapseAnonymousClosures);

  return compareProgramInfo(oldSizes, newSizes, format: format);