NumericAxis class Null safety

This class has the properties of the numeric axis.

Numeric axis uses a numerical scale and displays numbers as labels. By default, NumericAxis is set to both horizontal axis and vertical axis.

Provides the options of name, axis line, label rotation, label format, alignment and label position are used to customize the appearance.



NumericAxis({String? name, bool? isVisible, bool? anchorRangeToVisiblePoints, AxisTitle? title, AxisLine? axisLine, ChartRangePadding? rangePadding, AxisLabelIntersectAction? labelIntersectAction, int? labelRotation, String? labelFormat, NumberFormat? numberFormat, LabelAlignment? labelAlignment, ChartDataLabelPosition? labelPosition, TickPosition? tickPosition, bool? isInversed, bool? opposedPosition, int? minorTicksPerInterval, int? maximumLabels, MajorTickLines? majorTickLines, MinorTickLines? minorTickLines, MajorGridLines? majorGridLines, MinorGridLines? minorGridLines, EdgeLabelPlacement? edgeLabelPlacement, TextStyle? labelStyle, double? plotOffset, double? zoomFactor, double? zoomPosition, bool? enableAutoIntervalOnZooming, InteractiveTooltip? interactiveTooltip, double? minimum, double? maximum, double? interval, double? visibleMinimum, double? visibleMaximum, dynamic crossesAt, String? associatedAxisName, bool? placeLabelsNearAxisLine, List<PlotBand>? plotBands, int decimalPlaces = 3, int? desiredIntervals, RangeController? rangeController, double? maximumLabelWidth, double? labelsExtent, int? autoScrollingDelta, AutoScrollingMode? autoScrollingMode, double? borderWidth, Color? borderColor, AxisBorderType? axisBorderType, List<NumericMultiLevelLabel>? multiLevelLabels, MultiLevelLabelFormatterCallback? multiLevelLabelFormatter, MultiLevelLabelStyle? multiLevelLabelStyle, ChartLabelFormatterCallback? axisLabelFormatter})
Creating an argument constructor of NumericAxis class.


anchorRangeToVisiblePoints bool
Determines the value axis range, based on the visible data points or based on the overall data points available in chart.
final, inherited
associatedAxisName String?
Axis line crossed on mentioned axis name, and applicable for plot band also.
final, inherited
autoScrollingDelta int?
The number of data points to be visible always in the chart.
final, inherited
autoScrollingMode AutoScrollingMode
Determines whether the axis should be scrolled from the start position or end position.
final, inherited
axisBorderType AxisBorderType
Border type of the axis label.
final, inherited
axisLabelFormatter ChartLabelFormatterCallback?
Called while rendering each axis label in the chart.
final, inherited
axisLine AxisLine
Customizes the appearance of the axis line. The axis line is visible by default.
final, inherited
borderColor Color?
Border color of the axis label.
final, inherited
borderWidth double
Border width of the axis label.
final, inherited
crossesAt → dynamic
Customization to place the axis crossing on another axis based on the value.
final, inherited
decimalPlaces int
The rounding decimal value of the label.
desiredIntervals int?
The number of intervals in an axis.
final, inherited
edgeLabelPlacement EdgeLabelPlacement
Position of the edge labels.
final, inherited
enableAutoIntervalOnZooming bool
Enables or disables the automatic interval while zooming.
final, inherited
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, override
interactiveTooltip InteractiveTooltip
Customizes the crosshair and selection zooming tooltip. Tooltip displays the current axis value based on the crosshair position/selectionZoomRect position at an axis.
final, inherited
interval double?
Axis interval value.
final, inherited
isInversed bool
Inverts the axis.
final, inherited
isVisible bool
Toggles the visibility of the axis.
final, inherited
labelAlignment LabelAlignment
Alignment of the labels.
final, inherited
labelFormat String?
Formats the numeric axis labels.
labelIntersectAction AxisLabelIntersectAction
Axis labels intersecting action.
final, inherited
labelPosition ChartDataLabelPosition
Position of the labels.
final, inherited
labelRotation int
Angle for axis labels. The axis labels can be rotated to any angle.
final, inherited
labelsExtent double?
Specifies the fixed width for the axis labels. This width represents the space between axis line and axis title.
final, inherited
labelStyle TextStyle
Customizes the appearance of the axis labels.
final, inherited
majorGridLines MajorGridLines
Customizes the appearance of the major grid lines.
final, inherited
majorTickLines MajorTickLines
Customizes the appearance of the major tick lines.
final, inherited
maximum double?
The maximum value of the axis.
maximumLabels int
The maximum number of labels to be displayed in an axis in 100 logical pixels.
final, inherited
maximumLabelWidth double?
Specifies maximum text width for axis labels.
final, inherited
minimum double?
The minimum value of the axis.
minorGridLines MinorGridLines
Customizes the appearance of the minor grid lines.
final, inherited
minorTickLines MinorTickLines
Customizes the appearance of the minor tick lines.
final, inherited
minorTicksPerInterval int
Interval of the minor ticks.
final, inherited
multiLevelLabelFormatter MultiLevelLabelFormatterCallback?
Called while rendering each multi-level label.
final, inherited
multiLevelLabels List<ChartMultiLevelLabel>?
Provides the option to group the axis labels. You can customize the start, end value of a multi-level label, text, and level of the multi-level labels.
final, inherited
multiLevelLabelStyle MultiLevelLabelStyle
Customize the multi-level label’s border color, width, type, and text style such as color, font size, etc.
final, inherited
name String?
Name of an axis.
final, inherited
numberFormat NumberFormat?
Formats the numeric axis labels with globalized label formats.
opposedPosition bool
Opposes the axis position.
final, inherited
placeLabelsNearAxisLine bool
Consider to place the axis label respect to near axis line.
final, inherited
plotBands List<PlotBand>
Render the plot band in axis.
final, inherited
plotOffset double
Padding for plot area. The axis is rendered in chart with padding.
final, inherited
rangeController RangeController?
The rangeController property is used to set the maximum and minimum values for the chart in the viewport. In the minimum and maximum properties of the axis, you can specify the minimum and maximum values with respect to the entire data source. In the visibleMinimum and visibleMaximum properties, you can specify the values to be viewed in the viewed port i.e. range controller's start and end values respectively.
final, inherited
rangePadding ChartRangePadding
Padding for minimum and maximum values in an axis.
final, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
tickPosition TickPosition
Position of the tick lines.
final, inherited
title AxisTitle
Customizes the appearance of the axis title.
final, inherited
visibleMaximum double?
The maximum visible value of the axis.
visibleMinimum double?
The minimum visible value of the axis.
zoomFactor double
Zoom factor of an axis.
final, inherited
zoomPosition double
Position of the zoomed axis. The value ranges from 0 to 1.
final, inherited


noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.