stagehand library

Stagehand is a Dart project generator.

Stagehand helps you get your Dart projects set up and ready for the big show. It is a Dart project scaffolding generator, inspired by tools like Web Starter Kit and Yeoman.

It can be used as a command-line application, or as a regular Dart library composed it a larger development tool. To use as a command-line app, run:

> pub global run stagehand

to see a list of all app types you can create, and:

> mkdir foobar
> cd foobar
> pub global run stagehand webapp

to create a new instance of the webapp template in a foobar directory.


An abstract class which both defines a template generator and can generate a user project based on this template.
A target for a Generator. This class knows how to create files given a path for the file (relative to the particular GeneratorTarget instance), and the binary content for the file.
This class represents a file in a generator template. The contents could either be binary or text. If text, the contents may contain mustache variables that can be substituted (__myVar__).


generators List<Generator>
A curated, prescriptive list of Dart project generators.


getGenerator(String id) Generator