Just a Last.FM API Wrapper for Dart. A package to interact with the official

Last.FM API.

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I'm doing it just for fun, so... use at your own risk.

I hope it will become something great.



First build the .g files for Serializable (if you clone the repo):

pub run build_runner build

A simple usage example:

import 'package:scrobblenaut/scrobblenaut.dart';

// A simple example...
// For more, check the example folder.
void main() async {
  final lastFMAuth = await LastFM.noAuth(apiKey: APIValues.API);
  final scrobblenaut = Scrobblenaut(lastFM: lastFMAuth);
  // Start using the Wrapper...

Get Scrobblenaut

Add Scrobblenaut dependency on pubspec.yaml:

From GitHub (for example: branch-name >> dev-build):

      ref: branch-name


  scrobblenaut: ^version-number

Features and bugs


All the methods are available. Needs more time to check for problems caused by a bad information management from the API side. For example:

  • Tracks duration information taken from an album like method is different from a Track duration taken from a track info query.

  • Some variables can have strange content such as FIXME on some Track duration.

  • Many more. For now with my tests, this is the best I can handle. I just need more track and usage of my package to track different type of errors that can occurs.

Future of the package after all methods implemented

It's still a long way. I have some ideas, and I'm going to continue to support it, just stay tuned.

For the documentation

For now, You have to download the repo and run dartdoc on the console, on the root of the package. When I upload this package on you can use the documentation from there directly.

There's 2 type of usage:

  • with authentication;
  • without authentication.

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

Copyright © 2020 Nebulino


LastFM Library. It contains different types you can find in LastFM.
It contains and group up all the methods.
Scrobblenaut Library. This is the brain of my Wrapper.
scrobblenaut Exception Library. It contains some of the exceptions of my library.
Scrobblenaut Library. Import this if you want to use some helpers.