PlayX Widget

PlayX widget package for playx eco system that provide custom utility widgets to make development faster.



  • AppVersion : Widget to display current App Version.
  • CenterLoading : Widget that displays a simple circle loading indicator like in ios.
  • OptimizedScrollView : This is an optimized scroll view widget that make it's child scrollable.
    It will automatically size itself to fill the space between the bottom of the last widget and the bottom of the viewport.
  • ImageViewer : Easily show an image from assets, network, cached network, or svg images.
  • KeepAliveWrapper: Wrapper for widgets to keep them alive and not destroy them.
  • IconViewer: Widget that shows an icon from icon data, svg, image or text.
  • AutoAnimatedList : Widget that automatically animates list of items when inserting or deleting any item.
  • OptimizedCard : Widget which provides better shadow effect for the card to look more like native card.
  • OptimizedTextField : OptimizedTextField is a customized text field with features like auto validation with the ability to be customized.
  • Marquee widget :Marquee widget to make any widget scroll horizontally automatically.
  • AnimSearchBar widget :Widget that allows displaying a search bar with nice animation when expanded/ collapsed state.
  • OptimizedButton : Widget that can be used to display any type of button.
  • OptimizedListTile : Widget that is enhanced version of list tile that can display a card with title, subtitle, leading and trailing widgets.
  • AnimatedVisibility : Widget that animates the visibility of child widget by updating widget opacity and hide the old widget. It's different than AnimatedOpacity as it doesn't take any space when the widget is invisible.
  • TimerRefreshWidget : Widget that refreshes it's child on periodic time.
  • ReadMore widget :Widget that allows Expanding and collapsing text based on it's characters count.
  • DashedLine : Creates a dashed line widget.
  • FadeIndexedStack :Creates an indexed Stack widget that paints a single child with fade animation.
  • FavoriteButton : Creates a button that shows favorite state.


Consider using our Playx Package: Which comes prepackaged with this package and more features and is easy to use.


in pubspec.yaml add these lines to dependencies

playx_widget: ^0.1.2

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