PdfFieldFlags enum Null safety


comb → const PdfFieldFlags

25 - If set, the field shall be automatically divided into as many equally spaced positions, or combs, as the value of MaxLen, and the text is laid out into those combs.

const PdfFieldFlags(24)
combo → const PdfFieldFlags

18 - If set, the field is a combo box; if clear, the field is a list box.

const PdfFieldFlags(17)
commitOnSelChange → const PdfFieldFlags

27 - If set, the new value shall be committed as soon as a selection is made.

const PdfFieldFlags(26)
doNotScroll → const PdfFieldFlags

24 - If set, the field shall not scroll to accommodate more text than fits within its annotation rectangle.

const PdfFieldFlags(23)
doNotSpellCheck → const PdfFieldFlags

23 - If set, text entered in the field shall not be spell-checked.

const PdfFieldFlags(22)
edit → const PdfFieldFlags

19 - If set, the combo box shall include an editable text box as well as a drop-down list

const PdfFieldFlags(18)
fileSelect → const PdfFieldFlags

21 - If set, the text entered in the field represents the pathname of a file whose contents shall be submitted as the value of the field.

const PdfFieldFlags(20)
mandatory → const PdfFieldFlags

2 - If set, the field shall have a value at the time it is exported by a submit-form action.

const PdfFieldFlags(1)
multiline → const PdfFieldFlags

13 - If set, the field may contain multiple lines of text; if clear, the field’s text shall be restricted to a single line.

const PdfFieldFlags(12)
multiSelect → const PdfFieldFlags

22 - If set, more than one of the field’s option items may be selected simultaneously

const PdfFieldFlags(21)
noExport → const PdfFieldFlags

3 - If set, the field shall not be exported by a submit-form action.

const PdfFieldFlags(2)
noToggleToOff → const PdfFieldFlags

15 - If set, exactly one radio button shall be selected at all times.

const PdfFieldFlags(14)
password → const PdfFieldFlags

14 - If set, the field is intended for entering a secure password that should not be echoed visibly to the screen. Characters typed from the keyboard shall instead be echoed in some unreadable form, such as asterisks or bullet characters.

const PdfFieldFlags(13)
pushButton → const PdfFieldFlags

17 - If set, the field is a pushbutton that does not retain a permanent value.

const PdfFieldFlags(16)
radio → const PdfFieldFlags

16 - If set, the field is a set of radio buttons; if clear, the field is a check box.

const PdfFieldFlags(15)
radiosInUnison → const PdfFieldFlags

26 - If set, a group of radio buttons within a radio button field that use the same value for the on state will turn on and off in unison.

const PdfFieldFlags(25)
readOnly → const PdfFieldFlags

1 - If set, the user may not change the value of the field.

const PdfFieldFlags(0)
reserved4 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(3)
reserved5 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(4)
reserved6 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(5)
reserved7 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(6)
reserved8 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(7)
reserved9 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(8)
reserved10 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(9)
reserved11 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(10)
reserved12 → const PdfFieldFlags


const PdfFieldFlags(11)
sort → const PdfFieldFlags

20 - If set, the field’s option items shall be sorted alphabetically.

const PdfFieldFlags(19)
values → const List<PdfFieldFlags>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<PdfFieldFlags>


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