PdfExifTag enum Null safety

Possible Exif tags


ApertureValue → const PdfExifTag

Lens aperture

const PdfExifTag(22)
Artist → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(87)
BitsPerSample → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(61)
BrightnessValue → const PdfExifTag

Value of brightness

const PdfExifTag(23)
CFAPattern → const PdfExifTag

Color filter array geometric pattern

const PdfExifTag(42)
ColorSpace → const PdfExifTag

Color space information tag

const PdfExifTag(2)
ComponentsConfiguration → const PdfExifTag

Information about channels

const PdfExifTag(5)
CompressedBitsPerPixel → const PdfExifTag

Compressed bits per pixel

const PdfExifTag(6)
Compression → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(62)
Contrast → const PdfExifTag

Direction of contrast processing applied by camera

const PdfExifTag(50)


const PdfExifTag(88)
CustomRendered → const PdfExifTag

Special processing

const PdfExifTag(43)
DateTime → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(82)
DateTimeDigitized → const PdfExifTag

Date and time when the image was stored digitally

const PdfExifTag(11)
DateTimeOriginal → const PdfExifTag

Date and time when the original image was generated

const PdfExifTag(10)
DeviceSettingDescription → const PdfExifTag

Device Setting Description

const PdfExifTag(53)
DigitalZoomRation → const PdfExifTag

Digital zoom ratio

const PdfExifTag(46)
ExifIFDPointer → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(59)
ExifVersion → const PdfExifTag

EXIF version

const PdfExifTag(0)
ExposureBias → const PdfExifTag

Exposure bias

const PdfExifTag(24)
ExposureIndex → const PdfExifTag

Exposure index selected on camera

const PdfExifTag(38)
ExposureMode → const PdfExifTag

Exposure mode

const PdfExifTag(44)
ExposureProgram → const PdfExifTag

Exposure program

const PdfExifTag(17)
ExposureTime → const PdfExifTag

Exposure time (in seconds)

const PdfExifTag(15)
FileSource → const PdfExifTag

Image source (3 == DSC)

const PdfExifTag(40)
Flash → const PdfExifTag

Flash status

const PdfExifTag(29)
FlashEnergy → const PdfExifTag

Strobe energy in BCPS

const PdfExifTag(32)
FlashpixVersion → const PdfExifTag

Flashpix format version

const PdfExifTag(1)
FNumber → const PdfExifTag

F number

const PdfExifTag(16)
FocalLength → const PdfExifTag

Focal length of the lens in mm

const PdfExifTag(31)
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm → const PdfExifTag

Equivalent foacl length assuming 35mm film camera (in mm)

const PdfExifTag(47)
FocalPlaneResolutionUnit → const PdfExifTag

Unit for measuring FocalPlaneXResolution and FocalPlaneYResolution

const PdfExifTag(36)
FocalPlaneXResolution → const PdfExifTag

Number of pixels in width direction per FocalPlaneResolutionUnit

const PdfExifTag(34)
FocalPlaneYResolution → const PdfExifTag

Number of pixels in height direction per FocalPlaneResolutionUnit

const PdfExifTag(35)
GainControl → const PdfExifTag

Degree of overall image gain adjustment

const PdfExifTag(49)
GPSInfoIFDPointer → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(60)
ImageDescription → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(83)
ImageHeight → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(58)
ImageUniqueID → const PdfExifTag

/ Identifier assigned uniquely to each image

const PdfExifTag(56)
ImageWidth → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(57)
InteroperabilityIFDPointer → const PdfExifTag

Interoperability IFD Pointer

const PdfExifTag(55)
ISOSpeedRatings → const PdfExifTag

ISO speed rating

const PdfExifTag(19)
JPEGInterchangeFormat → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(75)
JPEGInterchangeFormatLength → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(76)
LightSource → const PdfExifTag

Kind of light source

const PdfExifTag(28)
Make → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(84)
MakerNote → const PdfExifTag

Any desired information written by the manufacturer

const PdfExifTag(7)
MaxApertureValue → const PdfExifTag

Smallest F number of lens

const PdfExifTag(25)
MeteringMode → const PdfExifTag

Metering mode

const PdfExifTag(27)
Model → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(85)
OECF → const PdfExifTag

Optoelectric conversion factor

const PdfExifTag(20)
Orientation → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(64)
PhotometricInterpretation → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(63)
PixelXDimension → const PdfExifTag

Valid width of meaningful image

const PdfExifTag(3)
PixelYDimension → const PdfExifTag

Valid height of meaningful image

const PdfExifTag(4)
PlanarConfiguration → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(66)
PrimaryChromaticities → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(79)
ReferenceBlackWhite → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(81)
RelatedSoundFile → const PdfExifTag

Name of related sound file

const PdfExifTag(9)
ResolutionUnit → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(71)
RowsPerStrip → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(73)
SamplesPerPixel → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(65)
Saturation → const PdfExifTag

Direction of saturation processing applied by camera

const PdfExifTag(51)
SceneCaptureType → const PdfExifTag

Type of scene

const PdfExifTag(48)
SceneType → const PdfExifTag

Scene type (1 == directly photographed)

const PdfExifTag(41)
SensingMethod → const PdfExifTag

Image sensor type

const PdfExifTag(39)
Sharpness → const PdfExifTag

Direction of sharpness processing applied by camera

const PdfExifTag(52)
ShutterSpeedValue → const PdfExifTag

Shutter speed

const PdfExifTag(21)
Software → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(86)
SpatialFrequencyResponse → const PdfExifTag

Spatial Frequency Response

const PdfExifTag(33)
SpectralSensitivity → const PdfExifTag

Spectral sensitivity

const PdfExifTag(18)
StripByteCounts → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(74)
StripOffsets → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(72)
SubjectArea → const PdfExifTag

Location and area of main subject

const PdfExifTag(30)
SubjectDistance → const PdfExifTag

Distance to subject in meters

const PdfExifTag(26)
SubjectDistanceRange → const PdfExifTag

Distance to subject

const PdfExifTag(54)
SubjectLocation → const PdfExifTag

Location of subject in image

const PdfExifTag(37)
SubsecTime → const PdfExifTag

Fractions of seconds for DateTime

const PdfExifTag(12)
SubsecTimeDigitized → const PdfExifTag

Fractions of seconds for DateTimeDigitized

const PdfExifTag(14)
SubsecTimeOriginal → const PdfExifTag

Fractions of seconds for DateTimeOriginal

const PdfExifTag(13)
TransferFunction → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(77)
UserComment → const PdfExifTag

Comments by user

const PdfExifTag(8)
values → const List<PdfExifTag>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<PdfExifTag>
WhiteBalance → const PdfExifTag

1 = auto white balance, 2 = manual

const PdfExifTag(45)
WhitePoint → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(78)
XResolution → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(69)
YCbCrCoefficients → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(80)
YCbCrPositioning → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(68)
YCbCrSubSampling → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(67)
YResolution → const PdfExifTag


const PdfExifTag(70)


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