SyncState enum Null safety

Current state of the SyncClient.


connected → const SyncState

Connection with the server established but not authenticated yet.

const SyncState(3)
created → const SyncState

Client created but not yet started.

const SyncState(1)
dead → const SyncState

Invalid access to the client after it was closed.

const SyncState(7)
disconnected → const SyncState

Lost connection, will try to reconnect if the credentials are valid.

const SyncState(5)
loggedIn → const SyncState

Client authenticated and synchronizing.

const SyncState(4)
started → const SyncState

Client started and connecting.

const SyncState(2)
stopped → const SyncState

Client in the process of being closed.

const SyncState(6)
unknown → const SyncState

State is unknown, e.g. C-API reported a state that's not recognized yet.

const SyncState(0)
values → const List<SyncState>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<SyncState>


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index int

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