nb_utils library


Abstract base class for text animations.
Base class for Animated Text widgets.
AnimationConfigurationClass provides the configuration used as a base for every children Animation. Configuration made in AnimationConfigurationClass can be overridden in Animation children if needed.
In the context of a scrollable view, your children's animations are only built as the user scrolls and they appear on the screen.
Default App Button
Default Text Form Field
Blur any widget
A circular progress indicator with gradient effect.
Discover network connectivity configurations: Distinguish between WI-FI and cellular, check WI-FI status and more.
The Linux implementation of ConnectivityPlatform.
An animation that fades its child.
An animation that flips its child either vertically or horizontally.
Plugin to show a toast message on screen Only for android, ios and Web platforms
Runs on dart side this has no interaction with the Native Side Works with all platforms just in two lines of code final fToast = FToast().init(context) fToast.showToast(child)
Google logo CustomPaint
Google logo created using CustomPaint
Hover Widget is useful is web platform
Model class for Locales
Use SELECTED_LANGUAGE_CODE Pref key to get selected language code
This font was generated by FlutterIcon.com, which is derived from Fontello.
CREDITS https://pub.dev/packages/livestream
Circular Loader Widget
Marquee Text
nb_utils class
OTPTextField widget helps you to enter your OTP
OverlayBuilder widget
Show custom widget on a widget click
Model class for package info
Predefined Patterns for different validation
Set nicely colored PlaceHolder while image is loading
Add read more button to a long text
set different layout based on current screen size (mobile, web, desktop)
RestartAppWidget helps you to restart your Flutter app
Widget that draw a beautiful checkbox rounded. Provided with animation if wanted
Custom scroll behaviour widget
An animation that scales its child.
Wraps NSUserDefaults (on iOS) and SharedPreferences (on Android), providing a persistent store for simple data.
Model class for Size Configurations
SizeListener Listen to your child widget's size
An animation that slides its child.
TimerWidget - Use this widget if you want to do something every X seconds or any duration.
State for _ToastStateFul
Animated Text that displays a Text element as if it is being typed one character at a time. Similar to TyperAnimatedText, but shows a cursor.
Animation that displays text elements, as if they are being typed one character at a time. Similar to TyperAnimatedTextKit, but shows a cursor.
Add UL to its children
Model class for walkthrough


Connection status check result.
Enum for Dialog Animation
Enum for Dialog Type
An enum representing a flip axis.
Enum for Link Provider
Enum for page route
Enum for Text Field
Toast Length Only for Android Platform
ToastGravity Used to define the position of the Toast on the screen
TrimMode enum


AfterLayoutMixin<T extends StatefulWidget>
Callback after build widget is rendered


aliceBlue → const Color
antiqueWhite → const Color
appStoreBaseURL → const String
aqua → const Color
aquamarine → const Color
azure → const Color
beige → const Color
bisque → const Color
black → const Color
blackColor → const Color
blanchedAlmond → const Color
blueColor → const Color
blueViolet → const Color
brown → const Color
burlyWood → const Color
cadetBlue → const Color
cardDarkColor → const Color
cardLightColor → const Color
channelName → const String
chartreuse → const Color
chocolate → const Color
coral → const Color
cornflowerBlue → const Color
cornSilk → const Color
crimson → const Color
currencyDollar → const String
currencyEuro → const String
currencyRupee → const String
cyan → const Color
darkBlue → const Color
darkCyan → const Color
darkGoldenRod → const Color
darkGray → const Color
darkGreen → const Color
darkGrey → const Color
darkKhaki → const Color
darkMagenta → const Color
darkOliveGreen → const Color
darkOrange → const Color
darkOrchid → const Color
darkRed → const Color
darkSalmon → const Color
darkSeaGreen → const Color
darkSlateBlue → const Color
darkSlateGray → const Color
darkSlateGrey → const Color
darkTurquoise → const Color
darkViolet → const Color
deepPink → const Color
deepSkyBlue → const Color
defaultAnimationDelay → const Duration
defaultAnimationDuration → const Duration
degrees2Radians → const double
dimGray → const Color
dimGrey → const Color
dividerDarkColor → const Color
dodgerBlue → const Color
errorColor → const Color
facebookBaseURL → const String
facebookMessengerURL → const String
fireBrick → const Color
floralWhite → const Color
forestGreen → const Color
fuchsia → const Color
gainsBoro → const Color
ghostWhite → const Color
gold → const Color
goldenRod → const Color
googleDriveURL → const String
gray → const Color
greenColor → const Color
greenYellow → const Color
grey → const Color
honeyDew → const Color
hotPink → const Color
indianRed → const Color
indigo → const Color
instagramBaseURL → const String
ivory → const Color
khaki → const Color
lavender → const Color
lavenderBlush → const Color
lawnGreen → const Color
lemonChiffon → const Color
lightBlue → const Color
lightCoral → const Color
lightCyan → const Color
lightGoldenRodYellow → const Color
lightGray → const Color
lightGreen → const Color
lightGrey → const Color
lightPink → const Color
lightSalmon → const Color
lightSeaGreen → const Color
lightSkyBlue → const Color
lightSlateGray → const Color
lightSlateGrey → const Color
lightSteelBlue → const Color
lightYellow → const Color
lime → const Color
limeGreen → const Color
linen → const Color
linkedinBaseURL → const String
magenta → const Color
MAIL_TO_PREFIX → const String
maroon → const Color
mediumAquaMarine → const Color
mediumBlue → const Color
mediumOrchid → const Color
mediumPurple → const Color
mediumSeaGreen → const Color
mediumSlateBlue → const Color
mediumSpringGreen → const Color
mediumTurquoise → const Color
mediumVioletRed → const Color
midnightBlue → const Color
mintCream → const Color
mistyRose → const Color
moccasin → const Color
oldLace → const Color
olive → const Color
oliveDrab → const Color
orange → const Color
orangeRed → const Color
orchid → const Color
paleGoldenRod → const Color
paleGreen → const Color
paleTurquoise → const Color
paleVioletRed → const Color
papayaWhip → const Color
peachPuff → const Color
peru → const Color
pink → const Color
playStoreBaseURL → const String
plum → const Color
powderBlue → const Color
purple → const Color
rebeccaPurple → const Color
redColor → const Color
redditBaseURL → const String
rosyBrown → const Color
royalBlue → const Color
saddleBrown → const Color
salmon → const Color
sandyBrown → const Color
scaffoldDarkColor → const Color
scaffoldLightColor → const Color
seaGreen → const Color
seaShell → const Color
sienna → const Color
silver → const Color
skyBlue → const Color
slateBlue → const Color
slateGray → const Color
slateGrey → const Color
snow → const Color
spacingControl → const int
spacingControlHalf → const int
spacingLarge → const int
spacingMedium → const int
spacingStandard → const int
spacingStandardNew → const int
spacingXL → const int
spacingXXL → const int
springGreen → const Color
steelBlue → const Color
tan → const Color
teal → const Color
TEL_PREFIX → const String
telegramBaseURL → const String
textPrimaryColor → const Color
textSecondaryColor → const Color
THEME_MODE_INDEX → const String
thistle → const Color
tomato → const Color
transparentColor → const Color
turquoise → const Color
twitterBaseURL → const String
viewLineColor → const Color
violet → const Color
whatsappURL → const String
wheat → const Color
white → const Color
whiteColor → const Color
whiteSmoke → const Color
yellow → const Color
yellowGreen → const Color
youtubeBaseURL → const String


alphaRegExp RegExp
getter/setter pair
appBarBackgroundColorGlobal Color
getter/setter pair
appButtonBackgroundColorGlobal Color
getter/setter pair
appButtonScaleAnimationDurationGlobal int?
getter/setter pair
chatGPTAPIkey String
getter/setter pair
chatGPTConfigGlobal ChatGPTConfig
getter/setter pair
customDialogHeight double
getter/setter pair
customDialogWidth double
getter/setter pair
defaultAppBarElevation double
getter/setter pair
defaultAppButtonElevation double
getter/setter pair
defaultAppButtonRadius double
getter/setter pair
defaultAppButtonShapeBorder ShapeBorder?
getter/setter pair
defaultAppButtonTextColorGlobal Color
getter/setter pair
defaultBlurRadius double
getter/setter pair
defaultCurrencySymbol String
getter/setter pair
defaultDialogShape ShapeBorder?
getter/setter pair
defaultElevation int
getter/setter pair
defaultInkWellHighlightColor Color?
getter/setter pair
defaultInkWellHoverColor Color?
getter/setter pair
defaultInkWellRadius double?
getter/setter pair
defaultInkWellSplashColor Color?
getter/setter pair
defaultLoaderAccentColorGlobal Color?
getter/setter pair
defaultLoaderBgColorGlobal Color
getter/setter pair
defaultRadius double
getter/setter pair
defaultSpreadRadius double
getter/setter pair
defaultToastBackgroundColor Color
getter/setter pair
defaultToastBorderRadiusGlobal BorderRadius
getter/setter pair
defaultToastGravityGlobal ToastGravity
getter/setter pair
defaultToastTextColor Color
getter/setter pair
desktopBreakpointGlobal double
getter/setter pair
enableAppButtonScaleAnimationGlobal bool
getter/setter pair
errorInternetNotAvailable String
getter/setter pair
errorMessage String
getter/setter pair
errorSomethingWentWrong String
getter/setter pair
errorThisFieldRequired String
getter/setter pair
fontFamilyBoldGlobal String?
getter/setter pair
fontFamilyPrimaryGlobal String?
getter/setter pair
fontFamilySecondaryGlobal String?
getter/setter pair
fontWeightBoldGlobal FontWeight
getter/setter pair
fontWeightPrimaryGlobal FontWeight
getter/setter pair
fontWeightSecondaryGlobal FontWeight
getter/setter pair
forceEnableDebug bool
If forceEnableDebug if true, you will be able to see log in the logcat in release build also. By default, your log will not seen in logcat in release mode.
getter/setter pair
getContext → dynamic
no setter
getSelectedThemeMode String?
returns current app theme mode
no setter
isAndroid bool
return true if running on Android
no setter
isApple bool
return true if running on iOS or macOS
no setter
isDesktop bool
return true if running on Desktop
no setter
isGoogle bool
return true if running on Android of Fuchsia
no setter
isIos bool
no setter
isIOS bool
return true if running on iOS
no setter
isLinux bool
return true if running on Linux
no setter
isMacOS bool
return true if running on macOs
no setter
isMobile bool
return true if running on Mobile OS
no setter
isWeb bool
return true if running on Web
no setter
isWindows bool
return true if running on Windows
no setter
lightColors List<Color>
Light Colors
getter/setter pair
liveStream LiveStream
getter/setter pair
localeLanguageList List<LanguageDataModel>
getter/setter pair
maxScreenWidth double?
getter/setter pair
operatingSystemName String
return OS name
no setter
operatingSystemVersion String
return OS version
no setter
pageRouteAnimationGlobal PageRouteAnimation?
getter/setter pair
pageRouteTransitionDurationGlobal Duration
getter/setter pair
passwordLengthGlobal int
getter/setter pair
selectedLanguageDataModel LanguageDataModel?
getter/setter pair
shadowColorGlobal Color
getter/setter pair
sharedPreferences SharedPreferences
getter/setter pair
tabletBreakpointGlobal double
getter/setter pair
textBoldSizeGlobal double
getter/setter pair
textPrimaryColorGlobal Color
getter/setter pair
textPrimarySizeGlobal double
getter/setter pair
textSecondaryColorGlobal Color
getter/setter pair
textSecondarySizeGlobal double
getter/setter pair


afterBuildCreated(dynamic onCreated()?) → void
appBarWidget(String title, {Widget? child, Widget? titleWidget, List<Widget>? actions, Color? color, bool center = false, Color? textColor, int textSize = 20, bool showBack = true, Color? shadowColor, double? elevation, Widget? backWidget, Brightness? brightness, SystemUiOverlayStyle? systemUiOverlayStyle, TextStyle? titleTextStyle, PreferredSizeWidget? bottom, Widget? flexibleSpace}) AppBar
Default AppBar
boldTextStyle({int? size, Color? color, FontWeight? weight, String? fontFamily, double? letterSpacing, FontStyle? fontStyle, double? wordSpacing, TextDecoration? decoration, TextDecorationStyle? textDecorationStyle, TextBaseline? textBaseline, Color? decorationColor, Color? backgroundColor, double? height}) TextStyle
boxDecorationDefault({BorderRadiusGeometry? borderRadius, Color? color, Gradient? gradient, BoxBorder? border, BoxShape? shape, BlendMode? backgroundBlendMode, List<BoxShadow>? boxShadow, DecorationImage? image}) Decoration
boxDecorationRoundedWithShadow(int radiusAll, {Color backgroundColor = whiteColor, Color? shadowColor, double? blurRadius, double? spreadRadius, Offset offset = const Offset(0.0, 0.0), LinearGradient? gradient}) Decoration
rounded box decoration with shadow
boxDecorationWithRoundedCorners({Color backgroundColor = whiteColor, BorderRadius? borderRadius, LinearGradient? gradient, BoxBorder? border, List<BoxShadow>? boxShadow, DecorationImage? decorationImage, BoxShape boxShape = BoxShape.rectangle}) Decoration
rounded box decoration
boxDecorationWithShadow({Color backgroundColor = whiteColor, Color? shadowColor, double? blurRadius, double? spreadRadius, Offset offset = const Offset(0.0, 0.0), LinearGradient? gradient, BoxBorder? border, List<BoxShadow>? boxShadow, DecorationImage? decorationImage, BoxShape boxShape = BoxShape.rectangle, BorderRadius? borderRadius}) Decoration
box decoration with shadow
buildPageRoute<T>(Widget child, PageRouteAnimation? pageRouteAnimation, Duration? duration) Route<T>
buildTitleWidget(BuildContext context, DialogType dialogType, Color? primaryColor, Widget? customCenterWidget, double height, double width, String? centerImage, ShapeBorder? shape) Widget
title for dialog
clearSharedPref() Future<bool>
clear SharedPref
countDays(int difference) String
Converts the time difference to a number of days. This function truncates to the lowest day. returns ("1 day" OR "X days")
countHours(int difference) String
Converts the time difference to a number of hours. This function truncates to the lowest hour. returns ("1 hour" OR "X hours")
countMinutes(int difference) String
Converts the time difference to a number of minutes. This function truncates to the lowest minute. returns ("1 minute" OR "X minutes")
countMonths(int difference) String
Converts the time difference to a number of months. This function rounds to the nearest month. returns ("1 month" OR "X months" OR "1 year")
countSeconds(int difference) String
Converts the time difference to a number of seconds. This function truncates to the lowest second. returns ("Just now" OR "X seconds")
countWeeks(int difference) String
Converts the time difference to a number of weeks. This function truncates to the lowest week. returns ("1 week" OR "X weeks" OR "1 month")
countYears(int difference) String
Converts the time difference to a number of years. This function truncates to the lowest year. returns ("1 year" OR "X years")
createMaterialColor(Color color) MaterialColor
Returns MaterialColor from Color
createRichText({required List<TextSpan> list, TextOverflow overflow = TextOverflow.clip, int? maxLines, TextAlign textAlign = TextAlign.left, TextDirection? textDirection, StrutStyle? strutStyle}) RichText
currentMillisecondsTimeStamp() int
return current time in milliseconds
currentTimeStamp() int
return current timestamp
daysInMonth(int monthNum, int year) int
returns number of days in given month
defaultBoxShadow({Color? shadowColor, double? blurRadius, double? spreadRadius, Offset offset = const Offset(0.0, 0.0)}) List<BoxShadow>
default box shadow
defaultInputDecoration({String? hint, String? label, TextStyle? textStyle}) InputDecoration
returns default InputDecoration for AppTextField widget
defaultPlaceHolder(BuildContext context, DialogType dialogType, double? height, double? width, Color? primaryColor, {Widget? child, ShapeBorder? shape}) Widget
placeholder for dialog
dialogAnimatedWrapperWidget({required Animation<double> animation, required Widget child, required DialogAnimation dialogAnimation, required Curve curve}) Widget
dialogShape([double? borderRadius]) ShapeBorder
dynamicAppButtonPadding(BuildContext context) EdgeInsets
enterFullScreen() → void
exitFullScreen() → void
finish(BuildContext context, [Object? result]) → void
Go back to previous screen.
formatTime(int timestamp) String
returns how much time ago from timestamp
FToastBuilder() TransitionBuilder
Simple builder method to create a TransitionBuilder and for the use in MaterialApp builder method
generateWithChatGPT({required String prompt, String promptPrefix = 'Tune this', bool shortReply = false, bool testWithoutKey = false, required ChatGPTModuleStrings gptModuleStrings}) Future<String>
Generates a response using the ChatGPT API based on the provided prompt.
getBool(String key, {dynamic defaultValue = false}) Future<bool>
Returns a Bool if exists in SharedPref
getBoolAsync(String key, {bool defaultValue = false}) bool
Returns a Bool if exists in SharedPref
getCenteredImage(BuildContext context, DialogType dialogType, Color? primaryColor) Widget?
Build center image for dialog
getColorFromHex(String hexColor, {Color? defaultColor}) Color
Returns Color from hex String.
getColorFromImage(Image image, [int quality = 10]) Future<List<int>?>
get colors used in image
getDialogPrimaryColor(BuildContext context, DialogType dialogType, Color? primaryColor) Color
dialog primary color
getDouble(String key, {dynamic defaultValue = 0.0}) Future<double>
Returns a Double if exists in SharedPref
getDoubleAsync(String key, {double defaultValue = 0.0}) double
Returns a Double if exists in SharedPref
getIcon(DialogType dialogType, {double? size}) Widget
get icon for dialog
getInt(String key, {dynamic defaultValue = 0}) Future<int>
Returns a Int if exists in SharedPref
getIntAsync(String key, {int defaultValue = 0}) int
Returns a Int if exists in SharedPref
getJSONAsync(String key, {Map<String, dynamic>? defaultValue}) Map<String, dynamic>
Returns a JSON if exists in SharedPref
getMatchingSharedPrefKeys(String key) List<String>
Returns List of Keys that matches with given Key
getMaterialYouColors() Future
Returns material you colors from Android
getMaterialYouPrimaryColor() Future<Color>
Returns primary color for material you theme
getMaterialYouTheme() Future<ThemeData>
Returns material you ThemeData
getPackageInfo() Future<PackageInfoData>
getPackageName() Future<String>
Get Package Name
getPositiveText(DialogType dialogType) String
build positive text for dialog
getSelectedLanguageModel({String? defaultLanguage}) LanguageDataModel?
getSharedPref() Future<SharedPreferences>
Returns SharedPref Instance
Use getSocialMediaLink function to build social media links
getString(String key, {dynamic defaultValue = ''}) Future<String>
Returns a String if exists in SharedPref
getStringAsync(String key, {String defaultValue = ''}) String
Returns a String if exists in SharedPref
getStringListAsync(String key) List<String>?
Returns a StringList if exists in SharedPref
getTitle(DialogType dialogType) String
Build title
hasMatch(String? s, String p) bool
has match return bool for pattern matching
hideKeyboard(dynamic context) → void
Hide soft keyboard
hideStatusBar() Future<void>
This function will hide status bar
initialize({double? defaultDialogBorderRadius, List<LanguageDataModel>? aLocaleLanguageList, String? defaultLanguage}) Future<void>
invokeNativeMethod<T>(String channel, String method, [dynamic arguments]) Future<T?>
Invoke Native method and get result
isAndroid12Above() Future<bool>
Return true if Android OS version is above 12
isConnectedToMobile() Future<bool>
returns true if connected to mobile
isConnectedToWiFi() Future<bool>
returns true if connected to wifi
isNetworkAvailable() Future<bool>
returns true if network is available
isSnapshotLoading(AsyncSnapshot snap, {bool checkHasData = false}) bool
Returns true is snapshot is loading
launchNewScreen<T>(BuildContext context, String tag) Future<T?>
Go to new screen with provided screen tag.
launchNewScreenWithNewTask<T>(BuildContext context, String tag) Future<T?>
Removes all previous screens from the back stack and redirect to new screen with provided screen tag
leapYear(int year) bool
return true if given year is an leap year
log(Object? value) → void
Prints only if in debug or profile mode
mailTo({required List<String> to, String subject = '', String body = '', List<String> cc = const [], List<String> bcc = const []}) Uri
mailto: function to open native email app
makeNullable<T>(T? value) → T?
Make any variable nullable
onError(Object o) Future<Null>
use this for catchError in Future functions
paste() Future<String>
Returns a string from Clipboard
pasteObject() Future
Returns a string from Clipboard
platformName() String
Returns current PlatformName
pop([Object? object]) → void
Dispose current screen or close current dialog
primaryTextStyle({int? size, Color? color, FontWeight? weight, String? fontFamily, double? letterSpacing, FontStyle? fontStyle, double? wordSpacing, TextDecoration? decoration, TextDecorationStyle? textDecorationStyle, TextBaseline? textBaseline, Color? decorationColor, Color? backgroundColor, double? height}) TextStyle
push<T>(Widget widget, {bool isNewTask = false, PageRouteAnimation? pageRouteAnimation, Duration? duration}) Future<T?>
Redirect to given widget without context
radians(double degrees) double
radius([double? radius]) BorderRadius
returns Radius
radiusCircular([double? radius]) Radius
returns Radius
radiusOnly({double? topRight, double? topLeft, double? bottomRight, double? bottomLeft}) BorderRadius
returns custom Radius on each side
removeKey(String key) Future<bool>
remove key from SharedPref
scrollBehaviour() → (Widget Function(BuildContext, Widget?)?)
Custom scroll behaviour
secondaryTextStyle({int? size, Color? color, FontWeight? weight, String? fontFamily, double? letterSpacing, FontStyle? fontStyle, double? wordSpacing, TextDecoration? decoration, TextDecorationStyle? textDecorationStyle, TextBaseline? textBaseline, Color? decorationColor, Color? backgroundColor, double? height}) TextStyle
setBool(String key, bool value) Future<bool>
add a Bool in SharedPref
setBoolAsync(String key, bool value) Future<bool>
add a Bool in SharedPref
setDarkStatusBar() → void
Dark Status Bar
setDouble(String key, double value) Future<bool>
add a Double in SharedPref
setDoubleAsync(String key, double value) Future<bool>
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DEPRECATED \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
add a Double in SharedPref
setInt(String key, int value) Future<bool>
add a Int in SharedPref
setIntAsync(String key, int value) Future<bool>
add a Int in SharedPref
setJSONAsync(String key, String value) Future<bool>
add a JSON in SharedPref
setLightStatusBar() → void
Light Status Bar
setOrientationLandscape() → void
Set orientation to landscape
setOrientationPortrait() → void
Set orientation to portrait
setStatusBarColor(Color statusBarColor, {Color? systemNavigationBarColor, Brightness? statusBarBrightness, Brightness? statusBarIconBrightness, int delayInMilliSeconds = 200}) Future<void>
Change status bar Color and Brightness
setString(String key, String value) Future<bool>
add a String in SharedPref
setStringAsync(String key, String value) Future<bool>
add a String in SharedPref
setValue(String key, dynamic value, {bool print = true}) Future<bool>
Add a value in SharedPref based on their type - Must be a String, int, bool, double, Map<String, dynamic> or StringList
showBottomSheetOrDialog({required BuildContext context, required Widget child, BottomSheetDialog bottomSheetDialog = BottomSheetDialog.Dialog}) Future
showConfirmDialog<bool>(dynamic context, String title, {String positiveText = 'Yes', String negativeText = 'No', Color? buttonColor, Color? barrierColor, bool? barrierDismissible, Function? onAccept}) Future<bool?>
show confirm dialog box
showConfirmDialogCustom(BuildContext context, {required dynamic onAccept(BuildContext), String? title, String? subTitle, String? positiveText, String? negativeText, String? centerImage, Widget? customCenterWidget, Color? primaryColor, Color? positiveTextColor, Color? negativeTextColor, ShapeBorder? shape, dynamic onCancel(BuildContext)?, bool barrierDismissible = true, double? height, double? width, bool cancelable = true, Color? barrierColor, DialogType dialogType = DialogType.CONFIRMATION, DialogAnimation dialogAnimation = DialogAnimation.DEFAULT, Duration? transitionDuration, Curve curve = Curves.easeInBack}) Future<bool?>
show confirm dialog box
showInDialog<T>(BuildContext context, {Widget? title, Widget? child, Widget? builder(BuildContext)?, ShapeBorder? shape, TextStyle? titleTextStyle, EdgeInsetsGeometry? contentPadding, Color? backgroundColor, DialogAnimation dialogAnimation = DialogAnimation.DEFAULT, double? elevation, Color? barrierColor, List<Widget>? actions, bool barrierDismissible = true, bool hideSoftKeyboard = true, Duration? transitionDuration, Curve curve = Curves.easeInBack}) Future<T?>
show child widget in dialog
showStatusBar() Future<void>
This function will show status bar
snackBar(BuildContext context, {String title = '', Widget? content, SnackBarAction? snackBarAction, Function? onVisible, Color? textColor, Color? backgroundColor, EdgeInsets? margin, EdgeInsets? padding, Animation<double>? animation, double? width, ShapeBorder? shape, Duration? duration, SnackBarBehavior? behavior, double? elevation}) → void
Show SnackBar
snapWidgetHelper<T>(AsyncSnapshot<T> snap, {Widget? errorWidget, Widget? loadingWidget, String? defaultErrorMessage, bool checkHasData = false, Widget errorBuilder(String)?}) Widget
Handle error and loading widget when using FutureBuilder or StreamBuilder
splashDelay({int second = 2}) Future<void>
Use this if you want to skip splash delay above Android 12
toast(String? value, {ToastGravity? gravity, dynamic length = Toast.LENGTH_SHORT, Color? bgColor, Color? textColor, bool print = false}) → void
Toast for default time
toastLong(String? value, {BuildContext? context, ToastGravity gravity = ToastGravity.BOTTOM, dynamic length = Toast.LENGTH_LONG, Color? bgColor, Color? textColor, bool print = false}) → void
Toast for long period of time
toasty(BuildContext context, String? text, {ToastGravity? gravity, dynamic length = Toast.LENGTH_SHORT, Color? bgColor, Color? textColor, bool print = false, bool removeQueue = false, Duration duration = const Duration(seconds: 2), BorderRadius? borderRadius, EdgeInsets? padding}) → void
Toast with Context


AnimatedConfigBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, AnimationController? animationController)
BoolWidgetBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, bool isHovering)
NetworkManagerClientFactory = NetworkManagerClient Function()
PositionedToastBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, Widget child)
Signature for a function to buildCustom Toast
RatingChangeCallback = void Function(double rating)