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A Flutter Framework using the MVC Design Pattern

Installing I don't always like the version number suggested in the 'Installing' page. Instead, always go up to the 'major' semantic version number when installing my library packages. This means always entering a version number trailing with two zero, '.0.0'. This allows you to take in any 'minor' versions introducing new features as well as any 'patch' versions that involves bugfixes. Semantic version numbers are always in this format: major.minor.patch.

  1. patch - I've made bugfixes
  2. minor - I've introduced new features
  3. major - I've essentially made a new app. It's broken backwards-compatibility and has a completely new user experience. You won't get this version until you increment the major number in the pubspec.yaml file.

And so, in this case, add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file instead:


For more information on this topic, read the article, The importance of semantic versioning.

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