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A widget that picks media files from storage and allows you to place anywhere in the widget tree. You can place use this widget in dialog, bottomsheet or anywhere as you wish. You can pick single or multiple images or videos. Use PickerDecoration class to decorate the UI.


Add to pubspec.yaml.

The latest version is Build

media_picker_widget: $latest_version

And import in dart code:

import 'package:media_picker_widget/media_picker_widget.dart';


For android, it requires minSdkVersion 21. Change this in app/build.gradle.

In your widget tree, simple add the MediaPicker class that extends StatefulWidget and you are good to go!

  mediaList: mediaList, //let MediaPicker know which medias are already selected by passing the previous mediaList
  onPick: (selectedList){
    print('Got Media ${selectedList.length}');
  onCancel: ()=> print('Canceled'),
  mediaCount: MediaCount.single,
  mediaType: MediaType.image,
  decoration: PickerDecoration(),

For more Information about the Classes, Enums, Funtions etc, visit API Reference.


This package has not been tested in IOS yet. If you find any issue, let me know by opening an Issue on Github


This package depends on the following packages :