Player class


Player class provides high-level abstraction for media playback. Large number of features have been exposed as class methods & properties.

The instantaneous state may be accessed using the state getter & subscription to the them may be made using the stream available.

Call dispose to free the allocated resources back to the system.

import 'package:media_kit/media_kit.dart';


// Create a [Player] instance for audio or video playback.

final player = Player();

// Subscribe to event stream & listen to updates. => print(e)); => print(e)); => print(e)); => print(e)); => print(e)); => print(e)); => print(e)); => print(e)); => print(e));

// Open a playable [Media] or [Playlist].


// Control playback state.

await player.pause();
await player.playOrPause();
await Duration(seconds: 10));

// Use or modify the queue.

await player.previous();
await player.jump(2);
await player.add(Media(''));
await player.move(0, 2);

// Customize speed, pitch, volume, shuffle, playlist mode, audio device.

await player.setRate(1.0);
await player.setPitch(1.2);
await player.setVolume(50.0);
await player.setShuffle(false);
await player.setPlaylistMode(PlaylistMode.loop);
await player.setAudioDevice(;

// Release allocated resources back to the system.

await player.dispose();


Player({PlayerConfiguration configuration = const PlayerConfiguration()})


handle Future<int>
Internal platform specific identifier for this Player instance.
no setter
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
platform PlatformPlayer?
Platform specific internal implementation initialized depending upon the current platform.
getter/setter pair
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited
state PlayerState
Current state of the Player.
no setter
stream PlayerStream
Current state of the Player available as listenable Streams.
no setter
streams PlayerStream
Current state of the Player available as listenable Streams.
no setter


add(Media media) Future<void>
Appends a Media to the Player's playlist.
dispose() Future<void>
Disposes the Player instance & releases the resources.
jump(int index) Future<void>
Jumps to specified Media's index in the Player's playlist.
move(int from, int to) Future<void>
Moves the playlist Media at from, so that it takes the place of the Media to.
next() Future<void>
Jumps to next Media in the Player's playlist.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
open(Playable playable, {bool play = true}) Future<void>
Opens a Media or Playlist into the Player. Passing play as true starts the playback immediately.
pause() Future<void>
Pauses the Player.
play() Future<void>
Starts playing the Player.
playOrPause() Future<void>
Cycles between play & pause states of the Player.
previous() Future<void>
Jumps to previous Media in the Player's playlist.
remove(int index) Future<void>
Removes the Media at specified index from the Player's playlist.
screenshot({String? format = 'image/jpeg'}) Future<Uint8List?>
Takes the snapshot of the current video frame & returns encoded image bytes as Uint8List.
seek(Duration duration) Future<void>
Seeks the currently playing Media in the Player by specified Duration.
setAudioDevice(AudioDevice audioDevice) Future<void>
Sets the current AudioDevice for audio output.
setAudioTrack(AudioTrack track) Future<void>
Sets the current AudioTrack for audio output.
setPitch(double pitch) Future<void>
Sets the relative pitch of the Player. Defaults to 1.0.
setPlaylistMode(PlaylistMode playlistMode) Future<void>
Sets playlist mode.
setRate(double rate) Future<void>
Sets the playback rate of the Player. Defaults to 1.0.
setShuffle(bool shuffle) Future<void>
Enables or disables shuffle for Player. Default is false.
setSubtitleTrack(SubtitleTrack track) Future<void>
Sets the current SubtitleTrack for subtitle output.
setVideoTrack(VideoTrack track) Future<void>
Sets the current VideoTrack for video output.
setVolume(double volume) Future<void>
Sets the playback volume of the Player. Defaults to 100.0.
stop() Future<void>
Stops the Player. Unloads the current Media or Playlist from the Player. This method is similar to dispose but does not release the resources & Player is still usable.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.