InstanaAgent class Null safety

Class providing all methods related to the setup and usage of the Instana Flutter agent




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noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
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Static Methods

getSessionID() Future<String?>
Returns unique ID assigned by Instana to current session
reportEvent({required String name, EventOptions? options}) Future<void>
Sends a Custom Event beacon to Instana
setCollectionEnabled(bool enable) Future<void>
Enable or disable collection (opt-in or opt-out)
setMeta({required String key, required String value}) Future<void>
Sets Key-Value pair which all new beacons will be associated with
setup({required String key, required String reportingUrl, SetupOptions? options}) Future<void>
Initializes Instana with a key and reportingUrl and optionally with SetupOptions
setUserEmail(String? email) Future<void>
Sets User email which all new beacons will be associated with
setUserID(String? userID) Future<void>
Sets custom User ID which all new beacons will be associated with
setUserName(String? name) Future<void>
Sets User name which all new beacons will be associated with
setView(String? name) Future<void>
Sets Human-readable name of logical view to which new beacons will be associated
startCapture({required String url, required String method, String? viewName}) Future<Marker>
Mark the start of an HTTP Request