startCapture static method Null safety

Future<Marker> startCapture(
  1. {required String url,
  2. required String method,
  3. String? viewName}

Mark the start of an HTTP Request

Returns a Marker you can finish() to send a beacon to Instana


static Future<Marker> startCapture(
    {required String url, required String method, String? viewName}) async {
  var currentView =
      await _channel.invokeMethod('getView', <String, dynamic>{});
  var markerId = await _channel.invokeMethod(
      'startCapture', <String, dynamic>{
    'url': url,
    'method': method,
    'viewName': viewName ?? currentView
  return Marker(
      channel: _channel, id: markerId, viewName: viewName ?? currentView);