pub package

A dart package for IMC messages manipulation.

Getting Started

This package is both a generator and an IMC messages manipulation package.

The IMC definition is found here.

Using the package

To use you need to import into your pubspec.yaml such as:

  • In case to use the package with the bundle generated IMC
   imc_def: ^x.x.x

Don't forget to flutter pub get.

  • In case you want to use the source to generate your own code add your settings to your project's pubspec.yaml file or create a file in your root project folder named imc_def.yaml with your settings.
  imc: <path_to_imc_file_definitions>
  githash: <git repo owner>@<git hash reduced> # please add this info (example for LSTS would be 'lsts@f19a343')
  # package: imc # optional, will create in src inside the folder(s)

After adding your settings, run the package with

flutter pub run imc_def:imc_generator

In your code just import:

import 'package:imc_def/imc_def.dart' as imc;

or if generating:

import 'package:<project_name>/src/<package/>imc_def.dart' as imc;

An example of use is the following:

var hbMsgB = imc.HeartbeatBuilder()
  ..src = 0x16
  ..dst = 0x17;
var dstEnt = 0;
Timer.periodic(Duration(milliseconds: 300), (Timer t) {
  var msg = (hbMsgB
        ..timestamp =
        ..dstEnt = dstEnt++ & 0xFF)
  var dataB = imc.messagesIdsSerializers[msg.msgId]?.call().serialize(msg);
  var bytes =
      dataB?.buffer.asUint8List(dataB.offsetInBytes, dataB.lengthInBytes);
  if (dataB != null && bytes != null) {
    var bs = socket.send(bytes, InternetAddress(""), 4444);
        "Bytes sent $bs | ${dataB.offsetInBytes}, ${dataB.lengthInBytes}");