Gura Dart parser

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This repository contains the implementation of a Gura configuration format parser for Dart, written in pure Dart. (Compliant with spec version 1.0.0).


dart pub add gura


Import package:gura/gura.dart and use the parse(), parseFile(), or parseFileSync() functions to convert your Gura input into a Map<String, dynamic> for use in your code.


import 'package:gura/gura.dart';

final String guraString = '''
# This is a Gura document.
title: "Gura Example"

    username: "Stephen"
    pass: "Hawking"

# Line breaks are ok when inside arrays
hosts: [

void main()
    // parse: transforms a Gura string into a Map of Gura key/value pairs
    final Map<String, dynamic> parsedGura = parse(guraString);

    // Access a specific field
    print('Title -> ${parsedGura['title']}');

    // Iterate over structures (parsedGura['hosts'] is List<dynamic> but we know
    // it contains strings so we can safely cast to String when iterating over it)
    for (final String host in parsedGura['hosts'])
        print('Host -> $host');

    // dump: stringifies Map<String, dynamic> as a Gura-compatible string
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:gura/gura.dart';

Future<void> main() async
    final File guraFile = File('foo_bar.ura');
    final Map<String, dynamic> parsedGura = await parseFile(guraFile);
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:gura/gura.dart';

void main()
    final File guraFile = File('foo_bar.ura');
    final Map<String, dynamic> parsedGura = parseFileSync(guraFile);

In the event that any of the library function names (parse, parseFile, etc.) conflict with functions from another library, alias gura and use qualified function calls via the alias:

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:gura/gura.dart' as gura;

void main()
    final File guraFile = File('foo_bar.ura');
    final Map<String, dynamic> parsedGura = await gura.parseFile(guraFile);


  1. Fork this project
  2. Create new branch for your feature
  3. Commit and push your changes
  4. Submit a pull request

Sadly, Dart's selection of tools for maintaining a consistent code style do not allow for much customization in a way that supports my personal code style, and I don't like the opinionated style of dartfmt, so if you choose to contribute, please do your best to maintain code style consistent with the rest of the repo in your contributions. I'll review PRs to ensure this.


To run all tests, run dart test in the project root.


Credit for the vast majority of code and logic in this project goes to the original authors of the TS/JS Gura parser.

This parser started as a 1:1 port of the TypeScript/JavaScript parser implementation, but I've since done a lot of cleanup, restructuring, some logic refactoring, and I've redocumented everything, all to help me better solidify my understanding of the inner-workings of the original implementation.

There are also a lot of TypeScript/JavaScript mechanics that simply didn't translate well to Dart so keeping the implementation port 1:1 was never going to work out, though I didn't know quite how frequently I would encounter that problem until I started the project.


This repository is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


Dart library for parsing Gura configuration files