GraphQL to REST

A simple way to convert GraphQL queries to REST in order to use any HTTP client for performing a request.


There are 2 main things for working with graphql_2_rest library: GraphQLQueryModel and GraphQLQueryBuilder.

  1. GraphQLQueryModel is responsible for putting arguments in GraphQL query. For example, if you have a query:
const query = '''query {
  user(first_name: %arg, age: %arg) {
    site {

then you need to create next GraphQLQueryModel:

class UserQueryModel with GraphQLQueryModel {
  final String firstName;
  final int age;

  const UserQueryModel(this.firstName, this.age);

  List<String> get arguments => ['"$firstName"', '$age'];
  1. GraphQLQueryBuilder will replace all arguments in the query consistently using GraphQLQueryModel. By default, GraphQLQueryBuilder uses %arg mask for arguments, but it can be changed while creating instance of this class. Finally you can use any HTTP client for performing a request, but the request have to be POST:
final dio = Dio(BaseOptions(baseUrl: 'https://endpoint/'));
const queryBuilder = GraphQLQueryBuilder();<dynamic>(
  data:, UserQueryModel('John', 27)),