GoogleMapsFlutterPlatform class Null safety

The interface that platform-specific implementations of google_maps_flutter must extend.

Avoid implements of this interface. Using implements makes adding any new methods here a breaking change for end users of your platform!

Do extends GoogleMapsFlutterPlatform instead, so new methods added here are inherited in your code with the default implementation (that throws at runtime), rather than breaking your users at compile time.



Constructs a GoogleMapsFlutterPlatform.


hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
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animateCamera(CameraUpdate cameraUpdate, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Starts an animated change of the map camera position. [...]
buildView(int creationId, PlatformViewCreatedCallback onPlatformViewCreated, {required CameraPosition initialCameraPosition, Set<Marker> markers = const <Marker>{}, Set<Polygon> polygons = const <Polygon>{}, Set<Polyline> polylines = const <Polyline>{}, Set<Circle> circles = const <Circle>{}, Set<TileOverlay> tileOverlays = const <TileOverlay>{}, Set<Factory<OneSequenceGestureRecognizer>>? gestureRecognizers = const <Factory<OneSequenceGestureRecognizer>>{}, Map<String, dynamic> mapOptions = const <String, dynamic>{}}) Widget
Returns a widget displaying the map view
clearTileCache(TileOverlayId tileOverlayId, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Clears the tile cache so that all tiles will be requested again from the TileProvider. [...]
dispose({required int mapId}) → void
Dispose of whatever resources the mapId is holding on to.
getLatLng(ScreenCoordinate screenCoordinate, {required int mapId}) Future<LatLng>
Returns LatLng corresponding to the ScreenCoordinate in the current map view. [...]
getScreenCoordinate(LatLng latLng, {required int mapId}) Future<ScreenCoordinate>
Return ScreenCoordinate of the LatLng in the current map view. [...]
getVisibleRegion({required int mapId}) Future<LatLngBounds>
Return the region that is visible in a map.
getZoomLevel({required int mapId}) Future<double>
Returns the current zoom level of the map.
hideMarkerInfoWindow(MarkerId markerId, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Programmatically hide the Info Window for a Marker. [...]
init(int mapId) Future<void>
/// Initializes the platform interface with id. [...]
isMarkerInfoWindowShown(MarkerId markerId, {required int mapId}) Future<bool>
Returns true when the InfoWindow is showing, false otherwise. [...]
moveCamera(CameraUpdate cameraUpdate, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Changes the map camera position. [...]
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
onCameraIdle({required int mapId}) Stream<CameraIdleEvent>
The Camera is now idle.
onCameraMove({required int mapId}) Stream<CameraMoveEvent>
The Camera finished moving to a new CameraPosition.
onCameraMoveStarted({required int mapId}) Stream<CameraMoveStartedEvent>
The Camera started moving.
onCircleTap({required int mapId}) Stream<CircleTapEvent>
A Circle has been tapped.
onInfoWindowTap({required int mapId}) Stream<InfoWindowTapEvent>
An InfoWindow has been tapped.
onLongPress({required int mapId}) Stream<MapLongPressEvent>
A Map has been long-pressed at a certain LatLng.
onMarkerDragEnd({required int mapId}) Stream<MarkerDragEndEvent>
A Marker has been dragged to a different LatLng position.
onMarkerTap({required int mapId}) Stream<MarkerTapEvent>
A Marker has been tapped.
onPolygonTap({required int mapId}) Stream<PolygonTapEvent>
A Polygon has been tapped.
onPolylineTap({required int mapId}) Stream<PolylineTapEvent>
A Polyline has been tapped.
onTap({required int mapId}) Stream<MapTapEvent>
A Map has been tapped at a certain LatLng.
setMapStyle(String? mapStyle, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Sets the styling of the base map. [...]
showMarkerInfoWindow(MarkerId markerId, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Programmatically show the Info Window for a Marker. [...]
takeSnapshot({required int mapId}) Future<Uint8List?>
Returns the image bytes of the map. [...]
toString() String
A string representation of this object. [...]
updateCircles(CircleUpdates circleUpdates, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Updates circle configuration. [...]
updateMapOptions(Map<String, dynamic> optionsUpdate, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Updates configuration options of the map user interface. [...]
updateMarkers(MarkerUpdates markerUpdates, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Updates marker configuration. [...]
updatePolygons(PolygonUpdates polygonUpdates, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Updates polygon configuration. [...]
updatePolylines(PolylineUpdates polylineUpdates, {required int mapId}) Future<void>
Updates polyline configuration. [...]
updateTileOverlays({required Set<TileOverlay> newTileOverlays, required int mapId}) Future<void>
Updates tile overlay configuration. [...]


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator. [...]

Static Properties

instance GoogleMapsFlutterPlatform
The default instance of GoogleMapsFlutterPlatform to use. [...]
read / write