GameAnalytics class Null safety




hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
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toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
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Static Methods

addAdEvent([dynamic arguments]) Future<void>
Add new ad event [...]
addBusinessEvent([dynamic arguments]) Future<void>
Add new business event [...]
addDesignEvent([dynamic arguments]) Future<void>
Add new design event [...]
addErrorEvent([dynamic arguments]) Future<void>
Add new error event [...]
addProgressionEvent([dynamic arguments]) Future<void>
Add new progression event [...]
addResourceEvent([dynamic arguments]) Future<void>
Add new resource event [...]
configureAutoDetectAppVersion(bool flag) Future<void>
Enable auto detect of app version to use for build field (iOS and Android only)
configureAvailableCustomDimensions01(List<String> customDimensions) Future<void>
Set available 1st custom dimensions
configureAvailableCustomDimensions02(List<String> customDimensions) Future<void>
Set available 2nd custom dimensions
configureAvailableCustomDimensions03(List<String> customDimensions) Future<void>
Set available 3rd custom dimensions
configureAvailableResourceCurrencies(List<String> resourceCurrencies) Future<void>
Set available resource currencies
configureAvailableResourceItemTypes(List<String> resourceItemTypes) Future<void>
Set available resource item types
configureBuild(String build) Future<void>
Set app build version
configureUserId(String uId) Future<void>
Set a custom unique user_id identifying the user.
endSession() Future<void>
End an active session.
getABTestingId() Future<String?>
Get A/B testing id
getABTestingVariantId() Future<String?>
Get A/B testing variant id
getRemoteConfigsContentAsString() Future<String?>
Get remote configs configurations
getRemoteConfigsValueAsString(String key, String defaultValue) Future<String?>
Get remote configs value as string
initialize(String gameKey, String secretKey) Future<void>
Initialize GameAnalytics SDK
isRemoteConfigsReady() Future<bool>
Call for checking if remote configs values are loaded and ready
setCustomDimension01(String dimension) Future<void>
Set 1st custom dimension
setCustomDimension02(String dimension) Future<void>
Set 2nd custom dimension
setCustomDimension03(String dimension) Future<void>
Set 3rd custom dimension
setEnabledEventSubmission(bool flag) Future<void>
Enable/disable event submission.
setEnabledInfoLog(bool flag) Future<void>
Enable info logging to console
setEnabledManualSessionHandling(bool flag) Future<void>
Enable manual session handling.
setEnabledVerboseLog(bool flag) Future<void>
Enable verbose info logging of analytics. Will output event JSON data to console.
setGlobalCustomEventFields(String customFields) Future<void>
Set global custom event fields
startSession() Future<void>
Start a new session.