flutter_touch_ripple library

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GestureDectectorCreatable<T extends dynamic>
An abstract stateful widget declared to handle click-related events and display them visually to the user.
Customizable touch ripple for flutter widget


This enum is used to defines the render order of a touch ripple effects.


TouchRippleContinuableCheckedCallBack = bool Function(int count)
The count given defines the number of times the event occurs in a row, The value returned is whether the events can occur in succession.
TouchRippleEventAsyncCallBack<T> = Future<T> Function()
The returned value defines a callback function to call when the asynchronous to take is successfully performed.
TouchRippleEventCallBack = VoidCallback
This function type defines the perform to take when the gesture events.
TouchRippleEventResponseCallback<T> = void Function(T value)
TouchRippleStateCallBack = VoidCallback
This function defines the action to take when a touch ripple event has started or ended.