This is the MPL branch of Flutter Sound. If you are developing a GPL App, you probably want to consider using the GPL τ Sound 9.0 fork, because it has (or will have) several great enhancements :

  • A new cleaner API
  • Better Web Support
  • A port to React Native (later)
  • A port to Microsoft Blazor (later)
  • A new class which will implement Audio Graphs (later)
  • Better PCM support
  • ... and soon perhaps other fantastic things 😉




Flutter Sound is a Flutter package allowing you to play and record audio for :

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Flutter Web

Flutter Sound provides both a high level API and widgets for:

  • play audio
  • record audio

Flutter Sound can be used to play a beep from an asset all the way up to implementing a complete media player.

This project is one of the two forks of the famous LGPL Flutter Sound Project 8.3. (The other being the GPL Tau Sound Project 9.0.

This fork is published under the Mozilla Public License MPL2.0.

If your App will be covered by the GPL License, you probably want to consider using the GPL Tau Sound Project 9.0 : Tau Sound 9.0 offers several enhancement compared to Flutter Sound 8.3.


  • Flutter Sound requires an iOS 10.0 SDK (or later)
  • Flutter Sound requires an Android API level 21 (or later)


The Flutter Sound package includes the following features

  • Play and Record flutter sound or music with various codecs.
  • Play local or remote files specified by their URL.
  • Play assets.
  • Play audio using the built in SoundPlayerUI Widget.
  • Roll your own UI utilising the Flutter Sound api.
  • Record audio using the builtin SoundRecorderUI Widget.
  • Roll your own Recording UI utilising the Flutter Sound api.
  • Support for releasing/resuming resources when the app pauses/resumes.
  • Record to a Dart Stream
  • Playback from a Dart Stream
  • The App playback can be controled from the device lock screen or from an Apple watch


You can find the changes here


The documentation is here


  • Flutter Sound is copyrighted by Dooboolab (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).
  • Flutter Sound is released under the permissive Mozilla license which has a weak copyleft clause: if you modify some of Flutter Sound code you must publish your modifications under the MPL license too. But you may publish your App with any license you want. Even a Proprietary/Close Sources License (shame on you!).
  • If your App is covered by the GPL license, you probably want to consider using the GPL Tau Sound Project 9.0 : indeed Tau Sound 9.0 offers several enhancement compared to Flutter Sound 8.3.


I greatly appreciate any contributions to the project which can be as simple as providing feedback on the API or documentation.


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player Main
THE Flutter Sound Player
recorder Main
THE Flutter Sound Recorder
tau Main


ui_controller UI_Widgets
ui_player UI_Widgets
ui_recorder UI_Widgets


enum_helper Utilities
ffmpeg Utilities
helper Utilities
temp_file_system Utilities
wave_header Utilities