flutter_mapbox_navigation library


Data associated with a Route Event
This class contains rating and comment from the user when navigation ends on iOS
Turn-By-Turn Navigation Provider
Embeddable Navigation View.
Controller for a single MapBox Navigation instance running on the host platform.
Configuration options for the MapBoxNavigation.
Represents an event sent by the navigation service
A RouteLeg object defines a single leg of a route between two waypoints. If the overall route has only two waypoints, it has a single RouteLeg object that covers the entire route. The route leg object includes information about the leg, such as its name, distance, and expected travel time. Depending on the criteria used to calculate the route, the route leg object may also include detailed turn-by-turn instructions.
This class contains all progress information at any given time during a navigation session. This progress includes information for the current route, leg and step the user is traversing along. With every new valid location update, a new route progress will be generated using the latest information.
A RouteStep object represents a single distinct maneuver along a route and the approach to the next maneuver. The route step object corresponds to a single instruction the user must follow to complete a portion of the route. For example, a step might require the user to turn then follow a road.
A WayPoint object indicates a location along a route. It may be the route’s origin or destination, or it may be another location that the route visits. A waypoint object indicates the location’s geographic location along with other optional information, such as a name or the user’s direction approaching the waypoint.


All possible events that could occur in the course of navigation
Option to specify the mode of transportation.
Option to specify the mode of transportation.
Whether or not the units used inside the voice instruction's string are in imperial or metric.


OnNavigationViewCreatedCallBack = void Function(MapBoxNavigationViewController controller)
Callback method for when the navigation view is ready to be used.