MapBoxNavigation class

Turn-By-Turn Navigation Provider




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addWayPoints({required List<WayPoint> wayPoints}) Future
Adds waypoints or stops to an on-going navigation
enableOfflineRouting() Future<bool?>
Will download the navigation engine and the user's region to allow offline routing
finishNavigation() Future<bool?>
Ends Navigation and Closes the Navigation View
getDefaultOptions() MapBoxOptions
Getter to retriev default options
getDistanceRemaining() Future<double?>
Total distance remaining in meters along route.
getDurationRemaining() Future<double?>
Total seconds remaining on all legs.
getPlatformVersion() Future<String?>
Current Device OS Version
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
registerRouteEventListener(ValueSetter<RouteEvent> listener) Future
Event listener for RouteEvents
setDefaultOptions(MapBoxOptions options) → void
setter to set default options
startFreeDrive({MapBoxOptions? options}) Future<bool?>
Free-drive mode is a unique Mapbox Navigation SDK feature that allows drivers to navigate without a set destination. This mode is sometimes referred to as passive navigation. Begins to generate Route Progress
startNavigation({required List<WayPoint> wayPoints, MapBoxOptions? options}) Future<bool?>
Show the Navigation View and Begins Direction Routing
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Static Properties

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