Flurry class Null safety

A Flutter plugin for Flurry SDK.

The Flurry Agent allows you to track the usage and behavior of your application on user's devices for viewing in the Flurry Analytics system.

Set of methods that allow developers to capture detailed, aggregate information regarding the use of their app by end users.




hashCode int
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getLogLevel(LogLevel logLevel) int
Get constants for setting log level in analytics SDK.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.

Static Properties

builder Builder
config Config
flurryAgent → FlurryAgent?
performance Performance
publisherSegmentation PublisherSegmentation
userProperties UserProperties

Static Methods

addOrigin(String originName, String originVersion) → void
Adds origin attribution.
addOriginWithParameters(String originName, String originVersion, Map<String, String> originParameters) → void
Adds origin attribution with parameters.
addSessionProperty(String name, String value) → void
Allows you to associate parameters with a session.
deleteData() → void
Allows the user to request Flurry to delete their collected data from this app.
endTimedEvent(String eventId) → void
Ends an existing timed event named eventId.
endTimedEventWithParameters(String eventId, Map<String, String> parameters) → void
Ends a timed event and updated parameters.
getAgentVersion() Future<int>
Returns the version of the Flurry SDK.
getPlatformVersion() Future<String>
getReleaseVersion() Future<String?>
Returns the release version of the Flurry SDK.
getSessionId() Future<String?>
Returns the session id of the current session.
logBreadcrumb(String crashBreadcrumb) → void
Logs the breadcrumb.
logEvent(String eventId) Future<EventRecordStatus>
Records a custom event specified by eventId.
logEventWithParameters(String eventId, Map<String, String> parameters) Future<EventRecordStatus>
Records an event named eventId with parameters.
logPayment(String productName, String productId, int quantity, double price, String currency, String transactionId, Map<String, String> parameters) Future<EventRecordStatus>
Logs a payment.
logStandardEvent(FlurryEvent id, Param param) Future<EventRecordStatus>
Records a Flurry standard event.
logTimedEvent(String eventId, bool timed) Future<EventRecordStatus>
Records a custom timed event named eventId
logTimedEventWithParameters(String eventId, Map<String, String> parameters, bool timed) Future<EventRecordStatus>
Records a timed event named eventId with parameters.
onError(String errorId, String message, String errorClass) → void
Records an app exception.
onErrorWithParameters(String errorId, String message, String errorClass, Map<String, String> parameters) → void
Records an app exception with parameters.
openPrivacyDashboard() → void
opens privacy dashboard in Safari/Chrome CustomTab.
setAge(int age) → void
Sets user's age in years at the time of this session.
setContinueSessionMillis([int sessionMillis = 10000]) → void
Sets the timeout for expiring a Flurry session.
setCrashReporting([bool crashReporting = true]) → void
Enable automatics collection of crash reports.
setDataSaleOptOut(bool isOptOut) → void
Sends CCPA compliance data to Flurry.
setGender(Gender gender) → void
Sets user's gender.
setIAPReportingEnabled(bool enableIAP) → void
Enables implicit recording of In-App transactions.
setIncludeBackgroundSessionsInMetrics([bool includeBackgroundSessionsInMetrics = true]) → void
Enables opting out of background sessions being counted towards total sessions.
setLogEnabled([bool enableLog = true]) → void
Generates debug logs to console.
setLogLevel([LogLevel logLevel = LogLevel.warn]) → void
Sets the log level of the debug logs of console.
setReportLocation(bool reportLocation) → void
Sets user's preference to allow Flurry to record location via GPS.
setSessionOrigin(String originName, String deepLink) → void
Sets session attributions.
setSslPinningEnabled([bool sslPinningEnabled = false]) → void
True to enable or false to disable SSL Pinning for Flurry Analytics connection. Defaults to false.
setUserId(String userId) → void
Sets a unique Flurry userId for this session.
setVersionName(String versionName) → void
Sets the versionName of the app.
updateConversionValue(int conversionValue) → void
Sets the iOS conversion value sent to Apple through SKAdNetwork.
updateConversionValueWithEvent(SKAdNetworkEvent flurryEvent) → void
Allows Flurry to set the SKAdNetwork conversion value for you.