flutter_card_swiper library

A Tinder-like card swiper package. It allows you to swipe left, right, up, and down and define your own business logic for each direction. Very smooth animations supporting Android, iOS, Web & Desktop.


Class to define the direction in which the card can be swiped
A controller that can be used to trigger swipes on a CardSwiper widget.


CardSwiperDirectionChange = void Function(CardSwiperDirection horizontalDirection, CardSwiperDirection verticalDirection)
CardSwiperOnEnd = FutureOr<void> Function()
CardSwiperOnSwipe = FutureOr<bool> Function(int previousIndex, int? currentIndex, CardSwiperDirection direction)
CardSwiperOnSwipeUpdate = void Function(int? currentIndex, CardSwiperDirection direction)
CardSwiperOnTapDisabled = FutureOr<void> Function()
CardSwiperOnUndo = bool Function(int? previousIndex, int currentIndex, CardSwiperDirection direction)
NullableCardBuilder = Widget? Function(BuildContext context, int index, int horizontalOffsetPercentage, int verticalOffsetPercentage)