flex_color_picker library Null safety

A customizable Flutter primary, accent and custom color picker. Includes an optional HSV wheel color picker.


A Material widget used as a color indicator and color selector by the FlexColorPicker package's ColorPicker widget. [...]
A customizable Material primary color, accent color and custom colors, color picker. [...]
Defines the FlexColorPicker OK and Cancel actions buttons and their style. [...]
Used by FlexColorPicker to define how copy-paste operations behave. [...]
Static color tool functions used internally by FlexColorPicker. [...]
A HSV color wheel based color picker for Flutter, used by FlexColorPicker. [...]


Extensions on non nullable Color to return it's color value as strings. [...]
Extensions on String. [...]
Extensions on String. [...]


showColorPickerDialog(BuildContext context, Color color, {Map<ColorPickerType, bool> pickersEnabled = const <ColorPickerType, bool>{ColorPickerType.both : false, ColorPickerType.primary : true, ColorPickerType.accent : true, ColorPickerType.bw : false, ColorPickerType.custom : false, ColorPickerType.wheel : false}, bool enableShadesSelection = true, bool includeIndex850 = false, CrossAxisAlignment crossAxisAlignment = CrossAxisAlignment.center, EdgeInsetsGeometry padding = const EdgeInsets.all(16), double columnSpacing = 8, bool enableOpacity = false, double opacityTrackHeight = 36, double? opacityTrackWidth, double opacityThumbRadius = 16, ColorPickerActionButtons actionButtons = const ColorPickerActionButtons(), ColorPickerCopyPasteBehavior copyPasteBehavior = const ColorPickerCopyPasteBehavior(), IconData selectedColorIcon = Icons.check, double width = 40.0, double height = 40.0, double spacing = 4, double runSpacing = 4, double elevation = 0, bool hasBorder = false, double? borderRadius, Color? borderColor, double wheelDiameter = 190, double wheelWidth = 16, bool wheelHasBorder = false, Widget? title, Widget? heading, Widget? subheading, Widget? wheelSubheading, Widget? recentColorsSubheading, Widget? opacitySubheading, bool showMaterialName = false, TextStyle? materialNameTextStyle, bool showColorName = false, TextStyle? colorNameTextStyle, bool showColorCode = false, bool colorCodeHasColor = false, TextStyle? colorCodeTextStyle, TextStyle? colorCodePrefixStyle, bool colorCodeReadOnly = false, bool showColorValue = false, bool showRecentColors = false, int maxRecentColors = 5, List<Color> recentColors = const <Color>[], bool enableTooltips = true, Color? selectedPickerTypeColor, TextStyle? pickerTypeTextStyle, Map<ColorPickerType, String> pickerTypeLabels = const <ColorPickerType, String>{ColorPickerType.primary : ColorPicker._selectPrimaryLabel, ColorPickerType.accent : ColorPicker._selectAccentLabel, ColorPickerType.bw : ColorPicker._selectBlackWhiteLabel, ColorPickerType.both : ColorPicker._selectBothLabel, ColorPickerType.custom : ColorPicker._selectCustomLabel, ColorPickerType.wheel : ColorPicker._selectWheelAnyLabel}, Map<ColorSwatch<Object>, String> customColorSwatchesAndNames = const <ColorSwatch<Object>, String>{}, Widget? dialogTitle, EdgeInsetsGeometry titlePadding = EdgeInsets.zero, TextStyle? titleTextStyle, EdgeInsetsGeometry contentPadding = EdgeInsets.zero, EdgeInsetsGeometry actionsPadding = const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16), EdgeInsetsGeometry buttonPadding = const EdgeInsets.all(16), Color? backgroundColor, double? dialogElevation, String? semanticLabel, EdgeInsets insetPadding = const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 40, vertical: 24), Clip clipBehavior = Clip.none, ShapeBorder? shape, bool barrierDismissible = true, Color barrierColor = Colors.black12, bool useSafeArea = true, bool useRootNavigator = true, RouteSettings? routeSettings, BoxConstraints? constraints}) Future<Color>
Define a color picker, show its dialog and wait for it to return a color.


Type of button used for OK or Cancel action button on a FlexColorPicker dialog.
Enum that controls the RGB string format of the copied color value. [...]
Enum that represents the different offered color picker types.