showColorPickerDialog function Null safety

Future<Color> showColorPickerDialog(
  1. BuildContext context,
  2. Color color,
  3. {Map<ColorPickerType, bool> pickersEnabled = const <ColorPickerType, bool>{ColorPickerType.both : false, ColorPickerType.primary : true, ColorPickerType.accent : true, : false, ColorPickerType.custom : false, ColorPickerType.wheel : false},
  4. bool enableShadesSelection = true,
  5. bool includeIndex850 = false,
  6. CrossAxisAlignment crossAxisAlignment =,
  7. EdgeInsetsGeometry padding = const EdgeInsets.all(16),
  8. double columnSpacing = 8,
  9. bool enableOpacity = false,
  10. double opacityTrackHeight = 36,
  11. double? opacityTrackWidth,
  12. double opacityThumbRadius = 16,
  13. ColorPickerActionButtons actionButtons = const ColorPickerActionButtons(),
  14. ColorPickerCopyPasteBehavior copyPasteBehavior = const ColorPickerCopyPasteBehavior(),
  15. IconData selectedColorIcon = Icons.check,
  16. double width = 40.0,
  17. double height = 40.0,
  18. double spacing = 4,
  19. double runSpacing = 4,
  20. double elevation = 0,
  21. bool hasBorder = false,
  22. double? borderRadius,
  23. Color? borderColor,
  24. double wheelDiameter = 190,
  25. double wheelWidth = 16,
  26. bool wheelHasBorder = false,
  27. Widget? title,
  28. Widget? heading,
  29. Widget? subheading,
  30. Widget? wheelSubheading,
  31. Widget? recentColorsSubheading,
  32. Widget? opacitySubheading,
  33. bool showMaterialName = false,
  34. TextStyle? materialNameTextStyle,
  35. bool showColorName = false,
  36. TextStyle? colorNameTextStyle,
  37. bool showColorCode = false,
  38. bool colorCodeHasColor = false,
  39. TextStyle? colorCodeTextStyle,
  40. TextStyle? colorCodePrefixStyle,
  41. bool colorCodeReadOnly = false,
  42. bool showColorValue = false,
  43. bool showRecentColors = false,
  44. int maxRecentColors = 5,
  45. List<Color> recentColors = const <Color>[],
  46. bool enableTooltips = true,
  47. Color? selectedPickerTypeColor,
  48. TextStyle? pickerTypeTextStyle,
  49. Map<ColorPickerType, String> pickerTypeLabels = const <ColorPickerType, String>{ColorPickerType.primary : ColorPicker._selectPrimaryLabel, ColorPickerType.accent : ColorPicker._selectAccentLabel, : ColorPicker._selectBlackWhiteLabel, ColorPickerType.both : ColorPicker._selectBothLabel, ColorPickerType.custom : ColorPicker._selectCustomLabel, ColorPickerType.wheel : ColorPicker._selectWheelAnyLabel},
  50. Map<ColorSwatch<Object>, String> customColorSwatchesAndNames = const <ColorSwatch<Object>, String>{},
  51. Widget? dialogTitle,
  52. EdgeInsetsGeometry titlePadding =,
  53. TextStyle? titleTextStyle,
  54. EdgeInsetsGeometry contentPadding =,
  55. EdgeInsetsGeometry actionsPadding = const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16),
  56. EdgeInsetsGeometry buttonPadding = const EdgeInsets.all(16),
  57. Color? backgroundColor,
  58. double? dialogElevation,
  59. String? semanticLabel,
  60. EdgeInsets insetPadding = const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 40, vertical: 24),
  61. Clip clipBehavior = Clip.none,
  62. ShapeBorder? shape,
  63. bool barrierDismissible = true,
  64. Color barrierColor = Colors.black12,
  65. bool useSafeArea = true,
  66. @Deprecated('This property is no longer set here and has no function if assigned here. ' 'From version 2.1.0 it must be defined via same property in configuration ' 'class ColorPickerActionButtons(useRootNavigator).') bool useRootNavigator = true,
  67. RouteSettings? routeSettings,
  68. BoxConstraints? constraints}

Define a color picker, show its dialog and wait for it to return a color.


Future<Color> showColorPickerDialog(
  /// Required build context for the dialog
  BuildContext context,

  /// The active color selection when the color picker is created.
  Color color, {

  /// A [ColorPickerType] to bool map. Defines which pickers are enabled in the
  /// color picker's sliding selector and thus available as color pickers.
  /// Available options are based on the [ColorPickerType] enum that
  /// includes values `both`, `primary`, `accent`, `bw`, `custom` and `wheel`.
  /// By default, a map that sets primary and accent pickers to true, and
  /// other pickers to false, is used.
  /// To modify key-value enable/disable pairs, you only have to provide values
  /// for the pairs you want to change from their default value. Any missing
  /// key-value pair in the provided map will keep their default value.
  Map<ColorPickerType, bool> pickersEnabled = const <ColorPickerType, bool>{
    ColorPickerType.both: false,
    ColorPickerType.primary: true,
    ColorPickerType.accent: true, false,
    ColorPickerType.custom: false,
    ColorPickerType.wheel: false,

  /// Set to true to allow selection of color swatch shades.
  /// If false, only the main color from a swatch is shown and can be selected.
  /// This is index [500] for Material primary colors and index [200] for accent
  /// colors. On the Wheel, only the selected color is shown there is no
  /// color related color swatch of the selected color shown.
  /// Defaults to true.
  bool enableShadesSelection = true,

  /// There is an extra index [850] used only by grey Material color in Flutter.
  /// If you want to include it in the grey color shades selection, then set
  /// this property to true.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool includeIndex850 = false,

  /// Cross axis alignment used to layout the main content of the
  /// color picker in its column layout.
  /// Defaults to
  CrossAxisAlignment crossAxisAlignment =,

  /// Padding around the entire color picker content.
  /// Defaults to const EdgeInsets.all(16).
  EdgeInsetsGeometry padding = const EdgeInsets.all(16),

  /// Vertical spacing between items in the color picker column.
  /// Defaults to 8 dp. Must be from 0 to 300 dp.
  double columnSpacing = 8,

  /// Enable the opacity control for the color value.
  /// Set to true to allow users to control the opacity value of the
  /// selected color. The displayed Opacity value on the slider goes from 0%,
  /// which is totally transparent, to 100%, which if fully opaque.
  /// When enabled, the opacity value is not returned as a separate value,
  /// it is returned in the alpha channel of the returned ARGB color value, in
  /// the onColor callbacks.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool enableOpacity = false,

  /// The height of the opacity slider track.
  /// Defaults to 36 dp
  double opacityTrackHeight = 36,

  /// The width of the opacity slider track.
  /// If null, the slider fills to expand available width of the picker.
  /// If not null, it must be >= 150 dp.
  double? opacityTrackWidth,

  /// The radius of the thumb on the opacity slider.
  /// Defaults to 16 dp.
  double opacityThumbRadius = 16,

  /// Used to configure action buttons for the color picker dialog.
  /// Defaults to [ColorPickerActionButtons] ().
  ColorPickerActionButtons actionButtons = const ColorPickerActionButtons(),

  /// Used to configure the copy paste behavior of the color picker.
  /// Defaults to [ColorPickerCopyPasteBehavior] ().
  ColorPickerCopyPasteBehavior copyPasteBehavior =
      const ColorPickerCopyPasteBehavior(),

  /// Icon data for the icon used to indicate the selected color.
  /// The size of the `selectedColorIcon` is 60% of the smaller of color
  /// indicator `width` and `height`. The color of indicator icon is
  /// black or white, based on what contrast best with the selected color.
  /// Defaults to a check mark [Icons.check].
  IconData selectedColorIcon = Icons.check,

  /// Width of the color indicator items.
  /// Defaults to 40 dp. Must be from 15 to 150 dp.
  double width = 40.0,

  /// Height of the color indicator items.
  /// Defaults to 40 dp. Must be from 15 to 150 dp.
  double height = 40.0,

  /// The horizontal spacing between the color picker indicator items.
  /// Defaults to 4 dp. Must be from 0 to 50 dp.
  double spacing = 4,

  /// The space between the color picker color item rows, when they need to
  /// be wrapped to multiple rows.
  /// Defaults to 4 dp. Must be from 0 to 50 dp.
  double runSpacing = 4,

  /// The Material elevation of the color indicator items.
  /// Defaults to 0 dp. Must be >= 0.
  double elevation = 0,

  /// Set to true, to show a 1 dp border around the color indicator items.
  /// This property is useful if the white/near white and black/near black
  /// shades color picker is enabled.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool hasBorder = false,

  /// Border radius of the color indicator items.
  /// If null, it defaults to `width`/4. Must be from 0 to 50 dp, if not null.
  double? borderRadius,

  /// The color of the 1 dp optional border used on [ColorIndicator] and on
  /// [ColorWheelPicker], when each have their border toggle set to true.
  /// If no color is given, the border color defaults to
  /// Theme.of(context).dividerColor.
  Color? borderColor,

  /// Diameter of the HSV based color wheel picker.
  /// Defaults to 190 dp. Must be from 100 to maximum 500 dp.
  double wheelDiameter = 190,

  /// The stroke width of the color wheel circle.
  /// Defaults to 16 dp. Must be from 4 to maximum 50 dp.
  double wheelWidth = 16,

  /// Set to true to show a 1 dp border around the color wheel.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool wheelHasBorder = false,

  /// Title widget for the color picker.
  /// Typically a Text widget, e.g. `Text('ColorPicker')`. If not provided or
  /// null, there is no title on the toolbar of the color picker.
  /// This widget can be used instead of `heading` or with it, depends on design
  /// need.
  /// The title widget is like an app bar title in the sense that at
  /// the end of it, 1 to 4 actions buttons may also be present for copy, paste,
  /// select-close and cancel-close. The select-close and cancel-close actions
  /// should only be enabled when the picker is used in a dialog. The copy and
  /// paste actions can be enabled also when the picker is not in a dialog.
  Widget? title,

  /// Heading widget for the color picker.
  /// Typically a Text widget, e.g. `Text('Select color')`.
  /// If not provided or null, there is no heading for the color picker.
  Widget? heading,

  /// Subheading widget for the color shades selection.
  /// Typically a Text widget, e.g. `Text('Select color shade')`.
  /// If not provided or null, there is no subheading for the color shades.
  Widget? subheading,

  /// Subheading widget for the HSV color wheel picker.
  /// Typically a Text widget, e.g.
  /// `Text('Selected color and its material like shades')`.
  /// The color wheel uses a separate subheading widget so that it may have
  /// another explanation, since its use case differs from the other subheading
  /// cases. If not provided, there is no subheading for the color wheel picker.
  Widget? wheelSubheading,

  /// Subheading widget for the recently used colors.
  /// Typically a Text widget, e.g. `Text('Recent colors')`.
  /// If not provided or null, there is no subheading for the recent color.
  /// The recently used colors subheading is not shown even if provided, when
  /// `showRecentColors` is false.
  Widget? recentColorsSubheading,

  /// Subheading widget for the opacity slider.
  /// Typically a Text widget, e.g. `Text('Opacity')`.
  /// If not provided or null, there is no subheading for the opacity slider.
  /// The opacity subheading is not shown even if provided, when
  /// `enableOpacity` is false.
  Widget? opacitySubheading,

  /// Set to true to show the Material name and index of the selected `color`.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool showMaterialName = false,

  /// Text style for the displayed material color name in the picker.
  /// Defaults to `Theme.of(context).textTheme.bodyText2`, if not defined.
  TextStyle? materialNameTextStyle,

  /// Set to true to show an English color name of the selected `color`.
  /// Uses the `ColorTools.nameThatColor` function to give an English name to
  /// any selected color. The function has a list of 1566 color codes and
  /// their names, it finds the color that closest matches the given color in
  /// the list and returns its color name.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool showColorName = false,

  /// Text style for the displayed color name in the picker.
  /// Defaults to `Theme.of(context).textTheme.bodyText2`, if not defined.
  TextStyle? colorNameTextStyle,

  /// Set to true to show the RGB Hex color code of the selected `color`.
  /// The color code can be copied with copy icon button or other enabled copy
  /// actions in the color picker. On the wheel picker the color code can be
  /// edited to enter and select a color of a known RGB hex value. If the
  /// property `colorCodeReadOnly` has been set to false the color code field
  /// can never be edited directly, it is then only used to display the code
  /// of currently selected color.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool showColorCode = false,

  /// When true, the color code entry field uses the currently selected
  /// color as its background color.
  /// This makes the color code entry field a large current color indicator
  /// area, that changes color as the color value is changed.
  /// The text color of the field, will automatically adjust for best contrast,
  /// as will the opacity indicator text. Enabling this feature will override
  /// any color specified in `colorCodeTextStyle` and `colorCodePrefixStyle`,
  /// but their styles will otherwise be kept as specified.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool colorCodeHasColor = false,

  /// Text style for the displayed generic color name in the picker.
  /// Defaults to `Theme.of(context).textTheme.bodyText2`, if not defined.
  TextStyle? colorCodeTextStyle,

  /// The TextStyle of the prefix of the color code.
  /// The prefix always include the alpha value and may also include a num char
  /// '#' or '0x' based on the `ColorPickerCopyPasteBehavior.copyFormat`
  /// setting.
  /// Defaults to `colorCodeTextStyle`, if not defined.
  TextStyle? colorCodePrefixStyle,

  /// When true, the color code field is always read only.
  /// If set to true, the color code field cannot be edited. Normally it can
  /// be edited when used in a picker that can select and show any color.
  /// Setting this to false makes it read only also on such pickers. This
  /// currently only applies to the wheel picker, but will also apply to
  /// future full color range pickers.
  /// Pickers that only offer a fixed palette, that you can just offered colors
  /// from always have the color code field in read only mode, this setting
  /// does not affect them.
  /// Regardless of the picker and `colorCodeReadOnly` value, you can change
  /// color value by pasting in a new value, if your copy paste configuration
  /// allows it.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool colorCodeReadOnly = false,

  /// Set to true to show the int [Color.value] of the selected `color`.
  /// This is a developer feature, showing the int color value can be
  /// useful during software development. If enabled the value is shown after
  /// the color code. For text style it also uses the `colorCodeTextStyle`.
  /// There is no copy button for the shown int value, but the value is
  /// displayed with a [SelectableText] widget, so it can be select painted
  /// and copied if so required.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool showColorValue = false,

  /// Set to true to a list of recently selected colors selection at the bottom
  /// of the picker.
  /// When `showRecentColors` is enabled, the color picker shows recently
  /// selected colors in a list at the bottom of the color picker. The list
  /// uses first-in, first-out to keep min 2 to max 20 colors (defaults to 5)
  /// on the recently used colors list, the desired max value can be modified
  /// with `maxRecentColors`.
  /// Defaults to false.
  bool showRecentColors = false,

  /// The maximum numbers of recent colors to show in the list of recent colors.
  /// The max recent colors must be from 2 to 20. Defaults to 5.
  int maxRecentColors = 5,

  /// A list with the recently select colors.
  /// Defaults to an empty list of colors. You can provide a starting
  /// set from some stored state if so desired.
  List<Color> recentColors = const <Color>[],

  /// Set to true to enable all tooltips in this widget.
  /// When true, it enables all tooltips that are available in the color picker.
  /// If the tooltips get in the way you can disable them all by setting this
  /// property to `false`. Why not consider providing a setting in your app that
  /// allows users to turn ON and OFF the tooltips in the app? FlexColorPicker
  /// includes this toggle to make that easy to implement when it comes to its
  /// tooltip behavior.
  /// Defaults to true.
  bool enableTooltips = true,

  /// The color on the thumb of the slider that shows the selected picker type.
  /// If not defined, it defaults to `Color(0xFFFFFFFF)` (white) in light
  /// theme and to `Color(0xFF636366)` in dark theme, which are the defaults
  /// for the used [CupertinoSlidingSegmentedControl].
  /// If you give it a custom color, the color picker will automatically adjust
  /// the text color on the selected thumb for best legible text contrast.
  Color? selectedPickerTypeColor,

  /// The TextStyle of the labels in segmented color picker type selector.
  /// Defaults to `Theme.of(context).textTheme.caption`, if not defined.
  TextStyle? pickerTypeTextStyle,

  /// A [ColorPickerType] to String map that contains labels for the picker
  /// type selector.
  /// If not defined, or omitted in provided mpa, then the following default
  /// English labels are used:
  ///  * [ColorPickerType.both] : 'Both'
  ///  * [ColorPickerType.primary] : 'Primary & Accent'
  ///  * [ColorPickerType.accent] : 'Primary'
  ///  * [] : 'Black & White'
  ///  * [ColorPickerType.custom] : 'Custom'
  ///  * [ColorPickerType.wheel] : 'Wheel'
  Map<ColorPickerType, String> pickerTypeLabels =
      const <ColorPickerType, String>{
    ColorPickerType.primary: ColorPicker._selectPrimaryLabel,
    ColorPickerType.accent: ColorPicker._selectAccentLabel, ColorPicker._selectBlackWhiteLabel,
    ColorPickerType.both: ColorPicker._selectBothLabel,
    ColorPickerType.custom: ColorPicker._selectCustomLabel,
    ColorPickerType.wheel: ColorPicker._selectWheelAnyLabel,

  /// Color swatch to name map, with custom swatches and their names.
  /// Used to provide custom [ColorSwatch] objects to the custom color picker,
  /// including their custom name label. These colors, their swatch shades
  /// and names, are shown and used when the picker type
  /// [ColorPickerType.custom] option is enabled in the color picker.
  /// Defaults to an empty map. If the map is empty, the custom colors picker
  /// will not be shown even if it is enabled in `pickersEnabled`.
  Map<ColorSwatch<Object>, String> customColorSwatchesAndNames =
      const <ColorSwatch<Object>, String>{},

  // ***************************************************************************
  // Below properties that refer to the dialog
  // ***************************************************************************

  /// Title of the color picker dialog, often omitted in favor of using a
  /// `title` and/or `heading` already defined in the [ColorPicker].
  Widget? dialogTitle,

  /// Padding around the dialog title, if a title is used.
  /// Defaults to ``, since the title is normally omitted
  /// and provided via the `heading` property of the `ColorPicker` instead.
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry titlePadding =,

  /// Style for the text in the dialog `title` of this `AlertDialog`.
  /// If null, `DialogTheme.titleTextStyle` is used. If that's null,
  /// defaults to `TextTheme.headline6` of `ThemeData.textTheme`.
  final TextStyle? titleTextStyle,

  /// Padding around the content in the dialog.
  /// Defaults to ``, as the content padding is expected to
  /// be a part of the `ColorPicker`.
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry contentPadding =,

  /// Padding around the Cancel and OK action buttons at the bottom of
  /// the dialog.
  /// Typically used to provide padding to the button bar between the button
  /// bar and the edges of the dialog.
  /// Defaults to `EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16)`.
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry actionsPadding =
      const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16),

  /// The padding that surrounds each bottom action button.
  /// This is different from [actionsPadding], which defines the padding
  /// between the entire button bar and the edges of the dialog.
  /// Defaults to `EdgeInsets.all(16)`.
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry buttonPadding = const EdgeInsets.all(16),

  /// The background color of the surface of this Dialog.
  /// This sets the Material.color on this Dialog's Material.
  /// If null, ThemeData.dialogBackgroundColor is used.
  /// NOTE: The ColorPicker is designed to fit on background color with
  /// brightness that follow active theme mode. Putting e.g. white as
  /// background in dark theme mode, will not produce usable results.
  final Color? backgroundColor,

  /// The z-coordinate of this Dialog.
  /// If null then DialogTheme.elevation is used, and if that's null then the
  /// dialog's elevation is 24.0. The z-coordinate at which to place this
  /// material relative to its parent.
  /// This controls the size of the shadow below the material and the opacity
  /// of the elevation overlay color if it is applied. If this is non-zero,
  /// the contents of the material are clipped, because the widget
  /// conceptually defines an independent printed piece of material.
  /// Changing this value will cause the shadow and the elevation
  /// overlay to animate over Material.animationDuration.
  /// Defaults to 0.
  final double? dialogElevation,

  /// The semantic label of the dialog used by accessibility frameworks to
  /// announce screen transitions when the dialog is opened and closed.
  /// In iOS, if this label is not provided, a semantic label will be inferred
  /// from the [title] if it is not null.
  /// In Android, if this label is not provided, the dialog will use the
  /// [MaterialLocalizations.alertDialogLabel] as its label.
  /// See also:
  ///  * [SemanticsConfiguration.namesRoute], for a description of how this
  ///    value is used.
  final String? semanticLabel,

  /// The amount of padding added to `MediaQueryData.viewInsets` on the
  /// outside of the `ColorPicker` dialog.
  /// Defines the minimum space between the screen's edges and the dialog.
  /// Defaults to `EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 40, vertical: 24)`.
  final EdgeInsets insetPadding =
      const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 40, vertical: 24),

  /// Controls how the contents of the dialog are clipped (or not) to the
  /// given shape.
  /// See the enum `Clip` for details of all possible options and their
  /// common use cases.
  /// Defaults to Clip.none, and must not be null.
  final Clip clipBehavior = Clip.none,

  /// The shape of this dialog's border.
  /// Defines the dialog's Material.shape.
  /// The default shape is a RoundedRectangleBorder with a radius of 4.0.
  final ShapeBorder? shape,

  /// If true, the dialog can be closed by clicking outside it.
  /// Defaults to true.
  bool barrierDismissible = true,

  /// The background transparency color of the dialog barrier.
  /// Defaults to [Colors.black12] which is considerably lighter than the
  /// standard [Colors.black54] and allows us to see the impact of selected
  /// color on app behind the dialog. If this is not desired, set it back to
  /// [Colors.black54] when you call `showColorPickerDialog`, or make it
  /// even more transparent.
  /// You can also make the barrier completely transparent.
  Color barrierColor = Colors.black12,

  /// The `useSafeArea` argument is used to indicate if the dialog should only
  /// display in 'safe' areas of the screen not used by the operating system
  /// (see [SafeArea] for more details).
  /// Default to `true` by default, which means the dialog will not overlap
  /// operating system areas. If it is set to `false` the dialog will only
  /// be constrained by the screen size.
  bool useSafeArea = true,

  /// Usage of [useRootNavigator] here is deprecated.
  /// The [useRootNavigator] argument is now respected on all Navigator
  /// [pop] functions used in the [ColorPicker] widget itself and by
  /// built-in dialogs used by the [ColorPicker]. In order to support this,
  /// the current [useRootNavigator] property in the
  /// [ColorPicker.showPickerDialog] and in the function
  /// [showColorPickerDialog] had to be deprecated.
  /// The property has moved to become a configuration option in
  /// [ColorPickerActionButtons] class in order to make it accessible to
  /// the Navigator pop functions both in the [ColorPicker] widget itself,
  /// as well as by built-in dialogs.
  /// The default behavior has not been changed, the setting still defaults
  /// to using dialogs that use the root navigator, but now the pop
  /// functions work as intended.
  /// If you for some reason have used none root navigators for the built-in
  /// dialogs in previous version, you need to set
  /// `ColorPickerActionButtons(useRootNavigator: false)` in
  /// `ColorPicker(actionButtons)` or `showColorPickerDialog(actionButtons)`.
    'This property is no longer set here and has no function if assigned here. '
    'From version 2.1.0 it must be defined via same property in configuration '
    'class ColorPickerActionButtons(useRootNavigator).',
      bool useRootNavigator = true,

  /// The `routeSettings` argument is passed to [showGeneralDialog],
  /// see [RouteSettings] for details.
  RouteSettings? routeSettings,

  /// You can provide BoxConstraints to constrain the size of the dialog.
  /// You might want to do this at least for the height, otherwise
  /// the dialog height might jump up and down jarringly if its size changes
  /// when user changes the picker type with the selector.ยจ
  /// Normally you would not change the picker's content element sizes after
  /// you have determined what works in your implementation. You can usually
  /// figure out a good dialog box size that works well for your use case,
  /// for all active pickers, instead of allowing the color picker dialog
  /// to auto size itself, which it will do if no constraints are defined.
  BoxConstraints? constraints,

    /// Picker properties
    ) async {
  Color selectedColor = color;
  if (!(await ColorPicker(
    color: color,
    onColorChanged: (Color newColor) {
      selectedColor = newColor;
    pickersEnabled: pickersEnabled,
    enableShadesSelection: enableShadesSelection,
    includeIndex850: includeIndex850,
    crossAxisAlignment: crossAxisAlignment,
    padding: padding,
    columnSpacing: columnSpacing,
    enableOpacity: enableOpacity,
    opacityTrackHeight: opacityTrackHeight,
    opacityTrackWidth: opacityTrackWidth,
    opacityThumbRadius: opacityThumbRadius,
    actionButtons: actionButtons,
    copyPasteBehavior: copyPasteBehavior,
    selectedColorIcon: selectedColorIcon,
    width: width,
    height: height,
    spacing: spacing,
    runSpacing: runSpacing,
    elevation: elevation,
    hasBorder: hasBorder,
    borderRadius: borderRadius,
    borderColor: borderColor,
    wheelDiameter: wheelDiameter,
    wheelWidth: wheelWidth,
    wheelHasBorder: wheelHasBorder,
    title: title,
    heading: heading,
    subheading: subheading,
    wheelSubheading: wheelSubheading,
    recentColorsSubheading: recentColorsSubheading,
    opacitySubheading: opacitySubheading,
    showMaterialName: showMaterialName,
    materialNameTextStyle: materialNameTextStyle,
    showColorName: showColorName,
    colorNameTextStyle: colorNameTextStyle,
    showColorCode: showColorCode,
    colorCodeHasColor: colorCodeHasColor,
    colorCodeTextStyle: colorCodeTextStyle,
    colorCodePrefixStyle: colorCodePrefixStyle,
    colorCodeReadOnly: colorCodeReadOnly,
    showColorValue: showColorValue,
    showRecentColors: showRecentColors,
    maxRecentColors: maxRecentColors,
    recentColors: recentColors,
    enableTooltips: enableTooltips,
    selectedPickerTypeColor: selectedPickerTypeColor,
    pickerTypeTextStyle: pickerTypeTextStyle,
    pickerTypeLabels: pickerTypeLabels,
    customColorSwatchesAndNames: customColorSwatchesAndNames,
    title: dialogTitle,
    titlePadding: titlePadding,
    titleTextStyle: titleTextStyle,
    contentPadding: contentPadding,
    actionsPadding: actionsPadding,
    buttonPadding: buttonPadding,
    backgroundColor: backgroundColor,
    elevation: dialogElevation,
    semanticLabel: semanticLabel,
    insetPadding: insetPadding,
    clipBehavior: clipBehavior,
    shape: shape,
    barrierDismissible: barrierDismissible,
    barrierColor: barrierColor,
    useSafeArea: useSafeArea,
    routeSettings: routeSettings,
    constraints: constraints,
  ))) {
    selectedColor = color;
  return selectedColor;