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Repository Status Description
dio_cookie_manager Pub A cookie manager for Dio
dio_http2_adapter Pub A Dio HttpClientAdapter which support Http/2.0
native_dio_adapter Pub An adapter for Dio which makes use of cupertino_http and cronet_http to delegate HTTP requests to the native platform.
dio_smart_retry Pub Flexible retry library for Dio
http_certificate_pinning Pub Https Certificate pinning for Flutter
dio_intercept_to_curl Pub A Flutter curl-command generator for Dio.
dio_cache_interceptor Pub Dio HTTP cache interceptor with multiple stores respecting HTTP directives (or not)
dio_http_cache Pub A simple cache library for Dio like Rxcache in Android
pretty_dio_logger Pub Pretty Dio logger is a Dio interceptor that logs network calls in a pretty, easy to read format.
dio_image_provider Pub An image provider which makes use of package:dio to instead of dart:io
flutter_ume_kit_dio Pub A debug kit of dio on flutter_ume
sentry_dio Pub An integration which adds support for performance tracing for the Dio package.
talker_dio_logger Pub Colorful and customizable dio logger with a lightweight design and talker additional functionality


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A powerful HTTP client for Dart and Flutter, which supports global settings, Interceptors, FormData, aborting and canceling a request, files uploading and downloading, requests timeout, custom adapters, etc.