clibu library


Key command-line app class. The entire app lives in this class.


fileExists(String filePath) bool
Checks whether a file exists.
getFileContents(String filePath) String
Returns the contents of a file as a string.
getJSONMap(String jsonString) Map<String, dynamic>
Returns a JSON string as a map.
getPatterns(String patternName, String subject, RegExp regex) Map<String, List<String>>
This method returns a map with a list of substrings matched. The key is that by the name of patternName.
mapToJSON(Map<String, dynamic> jsonData) String
Converts a Dart Map to a JSON string.
runCommand(String shellCommand) → void
Runs a shell command and prints the output from STDERR and STDOUT.
testFileFunctions() → void
A function to test all of the file functions.
testRegex() → void
writeToFile(String filePath, String fileContents) → void
Writes a string to a file.