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Warning: This project has not yet reached a stable production release.

Features - Couchbase Lite

  • Schemaless JSON documents
  • Binary JSON format (Fleece)
    • Reading without parsing
  • Blobs
    • A binary data value associated with a document
  • Queries
    • Supports large subset of N1QL query language
    • Machine readable representation of queries as JSON
    • Full text search
    • Indexes
    • Observable queries
  • Replication
    • Synchronize with Couchbase Server through Sync Gateway

Features - Dart API

  • Calls Couchbase Lite C API through FFI
  • Expensive operations run in separate isolate
    • No blocking of calling isolate
  • Streams for event based APIs
  • Support for Flutter apps
  • Support for standalone Dart (for example a CLI)
  • Well documented

Supported Platforms

PlatformMinimum version


This package only contains Dart code and requires binary libraries to be packaged with any app that wants to use it. For Flutter apps, you need to add cbl_flutter as a dependency to include those libraries in the build. cbl_flutter currently supports iOS, macOS and Android.

    cbl: ...
    cbl_flutter: ...

Getting started

Make sure you have set the required minimum target version in the build systems of the platforms you support.

Before you access any part of the library, CouchbaseLite needs to be initialized with a configuration of how to load the binary libraries.

import 'package:cbl/cbl.dart';
import 'package:cbl_flutter/cbl_flutter.dart';

void initCbl() {
  CouchbaseLite.initialize(libraries: flutterLibraries());

Now you can use to open a database:

import 'package:cbl/cbl.dart';
import 'package:path_provider/path_provider.dart';

Future<void> openDatabase() async {
  final documentsDir = await getApplicationDocumentsDirectory();

  final db = await
      config: DatabaseConfiguration(directory: documentsDir.path),

  final doc = MutableDocument(){
      'type': 'message',
      'body': 'Heyo',
      'from': 'Alice',

  final savedDoc = await db.saveDocument(doc)


Warning: This is not an official Couchbase product.