focusOnPoint static method

Future<void> focusOnPoint({
  1. required PreviewSize previewSize,
  2. required Offset position,
  3. required AndroidFocusSettings? androidFocusSettings,

Start auto focus on a specific position with a given previewSize.

On Android, you can set androidFocusSettings. It contains a parameter AndroidFocusSettings.autoCancelDurationInMillis. It is the time in milliseconds after which the auto focus will be canceled. Passive focus will resume after that duration.

If that duration is equals to or less than 0, auto focus is never cancelled and passive focus will not resume. After this, if you want to focus on an other point, you'll have to call again focusOnPoint.


static Future<void> focusOnPoint({
  required PreviewSize previewSize,
  required Offset position,
  required AndroidFocusSettings? androidFocusSettings,
}) {
  return CameraInterface().focusOnPoint(