CamerawesomePlugin class Null safety

Don't use this class directly. Instead, use CameraAwesomeBuilder.




hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
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noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
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Static Properties

currentState CameraRunningState
read / write
printLogs bool
Set it to true to print dart logs from camerawesome
read / write

Static Methods

checkAndRequestPermissions(bool saveGpsLocation) Future<List<CamerAwesomePermission>?>
checkiOSPermissions() Future<bool?>
focusOnPoint({required PreviewSize previewSize, required Offset position, required AndroidFocusSettings? androidFocusSettings}) Future<void>
Start auto focus on a specific position with a given previewSize.
getEffectivPreviewSize() Future<PreviewSize>
android has a limits on preview size and fallback to 1920x1080 if preview is too big So to prevent having different ratio we get the real preview Size directly from nativ side
getMaxZoom() Future<num?>
returns the max zoom available on device
getNativeOrientation() Stream<CameraOrientations>?
getPreviewTexture() Future<num?>
getSensors() Future<SensorDeviceData>
Returns the list of available sensors on device.
getSizes() Future<List<Size>>
init(SensorConfig sensorConfig, bool enableImageStream, {CaptureMode captureMode =, required ExifPreferences exifPreferences}) Future<bool?>
listenCameraImages() Stream<Map<String, dynamic>>?
listenLuminosityLevel() Stream<SensorData>?
listenPermissionResult() Stream<bool>?
pauseVideoRecording() → dynamic
receivedImageFromStream() Future
recordVideo(String path, {CupertinoVideoOptions? cupertinoVideoOptions}) Future<void>
refresh() Future<void>
resumeVideoRecording() → dynamic
setAspectRatio(String ratio) Future<void>
Change aspect ratio when a photo is taken
setAudioMode(bool enableAudio) Future<void>
enable audio mode recording or not
setBrightness(double brightness) Future<void>
set brightness manually with range 0,1
setCaptureMode(CaptureMode captureMode) Future<void>
change capture mode between and
setExifPreferences(ExifPreferences savedExifData) Future<bool>
set exif preferences when a photo is saved
setFilter(AwesomeFilter filter) Future<void>
setFlashMode(FlashMode flashMode) Future<void>
Switch flash mode from Android / iOS
setMirrorFrontCamera(bool mirrorFrontCamera) Future<void>
setPhotoSize(int width, int height) Future<void>
you can set a different size for preview and for photo for iOS, when taking a photo, best quality is automatically used
setPreviewSize(int width, int height) Future<void>
setSensor(Sensors sensor, {String? deviceId}) Future<void>
switch camera sensor between Sensors.back and Sensors.front on iOS, you can specify the deviceId if you have multiple cameras call getSensors to get the list of available cameras
setupAnalysis({int width = 0, double? maxFramesPerSecond, required InputAnalysisImageFormat format, required bool autoStart}) Future<void>
setZoom(num zoom) Future<void>
calls zoom from Android / iOS --
start() Future<bool>
startAnalysis() Future<void>
startAutoFocus() → dynamic
stop() Future<bool>
stopAnalysis() Future<void>
stopRecordingVideo() → dynamic
takePhoto(String path) Future<bool>