bake library Null safety


ruleFile String
Defines which filenames are permitted.
read / write


cliApp(List<String> arguments) → void
This method is the main command-line interface of Bake.
execFirstRule(String fileContents) → void
Only executes the first rule of a "Bakefile".
execRule(String fileContents, String rule) → void
Executes any rule of a "Bakefile". Which rule is executed is determined by the second parameter.
fileExists(String filePath) bool
Checks whether a file exists or not.
getFileContens() String
Returns the contents of a file as a string.
getMatches(String arguments) List<String>
Returns a list of all the matched tokens from a "Bakefile".
helpInfo() → void
Displays help information.
initBakery() → void
This method creates a standard Bakefile.
patterns() Map<String, RegExp>
Holds all the grammar patterns of Bake.
ruleExists(String fileContents, String rule) bool
versionInfo() → void
Displays versioning information.