ClipboardTestStore class Null safety

Test store that can be used to read and write tests from / to the clipboard. The clipboard may contain one or more tests when attempting to load from the clipboard.

This particular store is mostly helpful for building or loading tests on an emulator where the clipboard is shared with the host computer. Specifically, it provides the ability to create tests, export them to the clipboard for the host computer to save it for later use.

The ClipboardTestStore only supports the read and write operations but not the report operation.




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Static Methods

testReader(BuildContext context, {String? suiteName}) Future<List<PendingTest>>
Reads the tests from the clipboard. There can be one or more tests in the clipboard. This ignores the context that is passed in. This will never throw an error or return null and will instead return an empty array if it encounters issues loading the tests. [...]
testWriter(BuildContext context, Test test) Future<bool>
Saves the test to the clipboard.