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Assorted layout widgets that boldly go where no native Flutter widgets have gone before.

Note: I will slowly but surely add interesting widgets to this package. So far it has a single widget.

Widgets in this package:

  • ColumnSuper


Given a list of children widgets, this will arrange them in a column. It can overlap cells, add separators and more.

    List<Widget> children,    
    double outerDistance,
    double innerDistance,
    bool invert,
    Alignment alignment,
    Widget separator,
    bool separatorOnTop,
  • outerDistance is the distance in pixels before the first and after the last widget. It can be negative, in which case the cells will overflow the column.

  • innerDistance is the distance in pixels between the cells. It can be negative, in which case the cells will overlap.

  • invert if true will paint the cells that come later on top of the ones that came before. This is specially useful when cells overlap (negative innerDistance).

  • alignment will align the cells horizontally if they are smaller than the available horizontal space.

  • separator is a widget which will be put between each cells. Its height doesn't matter, since the distance between cells is given by innerDistance.

  • separatorOnTop if true (the default) will paint the separator on top of the cells. If false will paint the separator below the cells.

Try running the: Example.


See package align_positioned for widgets AlignPositioned and its siblings AnimatedAlignPositioned and AnimChain. They should be part of this package, but will remain in their own package for historical reasons.

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